Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Path of the Self – The Walk Together

In this dream we seem to walk alone. Our burdens are many. Our challenges infinite. We carry our burdens for what seems like eons until our backs will break, or the very skies will open up and shake.

When will it end – this illusion of separation?

Everyone carries on as if nothing is the same. But the cycles seem to repeat themselves, memories pile up, hurts begin to fester. There seems no end to the game. It frightens us to think of life this way. It challenges our very being.  It calls, it begs for some other way to see, to Live.

In this path we seem to walk alone. We walk blindly pretending to see. We grab onto anything, hoping it will retain us, contain some seed of knowing, promise, belief.  We want to see until it blinds us. We want to rip off the blindfold and know everything. We want to awaken and hold onto, not grab, but hold onto Everything.

There is something that stirs in the air, maybe it is in the forest, maybe the fall breeze, maybe it is lightning, or the birds, or some echoey call from nature. Maybe it is ourselves beckoning us to go on, to find another way.

But HOW do we get there? To this place of rest, relinquishment, peace?  How do we let go of so much that has given us nothing but pain?  Do we come to some violent end, or some agonizing death before the picture turns bright again? Are we simply vanquished?

Life is calling us for sure, not to surrender to suffering and despair, but to save it from our misunderstandings, ignorance and trifling cares that obliterate its Presence everywhere.  When will we notice It and lift up our heads? When will come off our knees and walk together instead?

We are not alone on this walk.  Although we may be blind to the ones standing before us, above us, beside us, below  us, they are everywhere. They are not here to hamper our style, or deliver us from evil. They are here to walk with us, for us, beside us, carrying us for a little while, perhaps. In them we have to place our Trust, though our disappointments be many, and our hostility and indifference sometimes cruel.  They are depending on us, not to take care of them, not to walk for them, but to give them the confidence that we can walk again. They teach us to care, not at the cost of, but so our mutual walk gives us Life, certainty, empathy. Love. That it is worth it.

So, what would we see if we were walking together? If we held each other’s hand? What would the world look like to us, who see a different purpose for creation, a different end?

What would the world look like if you knew you were not alone?  That you had a Friend?  Many. Not solo and lost, but on a guided adventure, a walk on the Wild Side – of Life, Laughter, Security, Clarity?

What would the world look like to you then?

Serendipity Calls

Ah, the buzz of adventure has given way to the singing of serendipity as I dip my feet, icy cold, in the water and find a flowing river instead.  Mmm!… Magnifique!  It is warmer than the air, bright with possibility, and it sings to me, calling me along the river bank and beyond, far past where I thought I was before.

I am so happy in this place, this rushing past, marvellously speeding along, then floating in ethereal space. The ground is still beneath my feet, a bit muddy at times, but squishily delicious and full of little urchins and things. Nothing fazes me in this new place, even the wonder of it. It is as if I half-expected it. Now it just is, all the time. This is no boredom, this is a marvellous dessert that doesn’t make you sick!

Today I have had two serendipitous events (so far).  I was out walking my dog with my daughter, who happened to stay home from school (don’t tell), when a new neighbour invited me into her house to show me her magnificent table that just arrived from her home country.  I was admiring the richness of everything, the foreignness and newness of the rosewood and carvings, and her enthusiasm for me.  Her face was glowing and mysterious, yet completely inviting.  My daughter was a bit bored by the whole thing, but I was captivated.  The woman told me she was a yoga instructor, and that she teaches meditation – would I like to come? “Come!” She implored me.  Bingo!  I have been struggling along for years, doing A Course in Miracles, and creating a beautiful sanctuary space for meditation.  The only problem is, I can’t seem to get my behind to sit long enough to do it!  I do succeed at times, but have always wanted the one-on-one.  I was so grateful for her invitation, I think I gushed.  I also promised her I would spread the word about her gifts.

Then I received a email from a friend of a friend in a foreign country, a city I adore, who is interested in my work in Evolutionary Woman.  I was equally impressed with her creative gifts and  her radiant spirit.  She just excudes Life.  She wondered if I might be interested in collaborating?… After seeing her magnificent works and energy, I thought, h– yeah!  No plan, no promises. Just Yes, yes, YES!

That is the feeling now, just flowing along, singing my song. Yes, sea urchins, nibble at my toes, water flow, people just say hello….  Ah, isn’t it grand to just dive right in, to begin?… Isn’t it worth every heart-sickening moment of how/who/what or when?..

Ahhh…..  YES!!

Thank you,