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Put a Little Heart into your Breathing…

heart breathing

Taking a quick break from holiday festivities to notice when I am breathing, and when I am feeling the need to step away for a bit and be by myself. This is not a bad thing. A little withdrawl (especially from chocolate!) is much needed.

Although I prepare for even more entertaining tomorrow, I know that this works for me:

I notice when my energy is a bit off. I notice when my hand aches, or my heart feels tense, or my head a little dizzy.

I sit down and breathe, ask myself, “what do you need?” Sometimes it is just that:

Breathe! Ahhhhh….

I have learned to bring not only deep into my lungs and belly, but also into my heart. “Heart breathing” is something I learned from doing an Integrated Spiritual Practice with Terry Patten last year. The deep belly breathing is still helpful to release tension and anxiety, but to connect you to your deeper purpose, to your In-Quest – you need to connect to your Heart Space. The heart has more intelligence, light and energy than any other part of your body or mind. And just that slight visualization and intention of tuning into your heart area can activate more loving energy within you and around you.

In the deep belly and Heart breathing, I feel myself drop not only down but out in all directions. I feel the warm glow of my heart fill my body and mind, and then the room and beyond. I feel the peace of God come upon me, and I say a prayer to myself of forgiveness, or need, or whatever needs to be said. That is enough. The rest is done for me.

Tap into and your own energy! Breathe into your Heart. There is more there than you “think”.

And then… Enjoy the festivities! Whatever that means to you. This year, I am tuning In, not out (too much!). I hope you do too! Let’s take a moment before the New Year to connect to our own energy, to our Heart, to say a prayer or two of forgiveness and joy, and then release that into the Universe.

Let this be the year that You are New, too!

Amen to that!


Krista Moore

P.S. What makes you Breathe deeply? How are you doing with your connection to Self this season? Are you finding time to Tune In to your own energy? To your prayerful Heart Space? Let me know what Heart Breathing does for you.

Thank you!

“My Work is to Know You”

“My work is loving the world.” – Mary Oliver

This is something I spontaneously wrote and spoke aloud during a call with a gathering of women. The spoken word has such vibration, clarity, emotion, vibrancy. “See” if you can “hear” the soundless as you read, and feel your own Self breathe…

My work is to know you
Sacred cow
Deep middlemarch sounds
The clock is ticking
and yet
there is no sound
Ah, awake!
The sugar plum faeries have come
to take me away
To You, to You, to You
The Light has come
My light is Light
It has no other
It can not be prayed into
There is no book to cover
Its light, its sound
Its energy
It goes out and comes
It gives and uses, it hums
It is given
It never goes away
And yet it is hidden
Ah! the darkness has come
But oh Light, oh Light, oh Light!
How It comes…


“Be still when you have nothing to say. When genuine passion moves you, say it hot.”  D.H. Lawrence


I have learned to stop
the chatter-box
when the motor is not running
when there is no knowing
I drift paralyzed
drag my eyes across the
surface of the water
unclear what is below
And then as I approach
something familiar, something dear
that rises within me
like a steeple turned
in on itself
Poking me on to say what
I came to say
I rise
I venture forth
with grace
with attitude
with a smile
with ferocity
I make no apologies
because there is no
others quake in their shoes

by Krista Moore