Monthly Archives: January 2012

Clarity Commitment Focus Action

Out of this morning’s meditation (yes, my commitment!), I received some nuance of Clarity, not quite there yet, but the desire to write it down and share it.

These words came:

Clarity, Commitment, Focus, Action

What do they mean to me?

When I meditated this morning I did it with a fierce purpose, a search for meaning, a commitment to the process of living out my purpose with clarity and direction. On Purpose. Consciously aware all the time there will be mistakes, and each one is an opportunity to make amends, to stir the pot of creation, to forgive and make new.

Here are the miracles I saw in the pot this morning:

Clarity – I saw the faces of those I love clearly before me beaming with light. I saw their true faces smiling, forgiving, and all of us loving ourselves. My dreams are giving me the same message: Clarity of wiping the table clean, clearing old crumbles, inviting all to the new table. Opening to a new dream, a new reality.

Commitment – Is to awaken to this new possibility and take it seriously. Live it. So, when I awaken, instead of old habits that die-hard, I light a candle. I place a cushion in the centre of the room. I close the door and lock it from outside interference and “to-dos”. I go inside and shake out my body and unravel it until it stills and soothes. I breathe. I search my mind for clarity. I find a slow hum. I follow that relaxing sound until I see the light dim at first, and then larger. I allow the images to talk to me. And then when I am ready, I arise, pray, give it up into the sky, shake out my hands and stand. That is my commitment for a new day. To start the day my way.

Focus – As I approach my desk, there are a million (OK, three) things to do. Instead of scrambling my mind like a lemon meringue pie, I wait. I remember what I just did. What came to me. I decide to write it down, to focus my mind. To follow my commitment by weeding out anything that doesn’t belong. Wait. That can wait. And that can wait, too. All these things can wait! I choose to hold onto: The feeling, the thought, the energy, the new reality. The new thing I am creating. And with that focus I take:

Action – I write. I lay it down. I make plans out of that new sound. I allow new things to come to me. Adventures to come. And when the mood strikes me, from the stream of inspiration I am receiving, I write that down. I invite in. I see anew. I break new ground. I accept what I have been given. And I use it with renewed purpose, through the charity of seeing things differently. This is what makes life new.

Thank you for listening. I hope this inspires you to find your way, too.

All in Love’s time!