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30 Days of Miracles II: Awakening

Photo of Krista Moore, Copyright Denise Grant Photography

Miracles of Awakening


Last year I did a “30 Days of Miracles” blog series which was quite popular. I’ve decided to do it again, only this time with an emphasis on “Awakening”I invite you to join me and explore your own.

It is time to come out again and celebrate who I am. In trust, I share this with the world. In recent times, I have explored this, unveiled this in key moments, then stuffed it away again afraid to let it loose. But here I am again, beckoning the truth, and allowing myself to express all I am becoming, and, quite possibly, You!

What Is Evolutionary Woman?


Last fall I began the first Evolutionary Woman circle at West Hill United Church in Scarborough.  At first, 12 women signed up – settling down to around 9.  I was excited by the number, and what each woman brought to the circle (like the 12 signs of the Zodiac, or the 9 months in the cycle of birth or rebirth).

I remember lighting the candles and counting each one’s presence, and blessing the table before we  began..


 What – or Why – is Evolutionary Woman?

Good question. Which brings me to why I began it in the first place. At first, I was seeking. I was looking for connection with women who understood, or at least tried to, my spiritual interests and creative desires, and who I could share with at a deeper level. At the time, I was an actress and a closet writer.  I found women online, evolutionary consciousness communities in which I could thrive and learn. I would write on forums and listen to live calls with women from all over the world. Some of us came to “know” each other – but none of them “knew me” face to face, so in some ways I remained safe and “invisible”.  It was a good alias, to be able to share in this way – as if being transported to a different world, or in a holding tank with other women of like mind. The permission to shine was given, stated, part of the agreements we shared. We shared a great many things – about why we were there, what drove us, what we hoped to become,  what we stood for, and were committed to bringing about in the world. And we worked hard to uncover the blocks that were pushing us back, and elevated ourselves and each other to build a better life, a better world.

Evolutionary Woman is Born

When one of my on-line courses ended, I felt lost again, and yet totally stimulated to try something new. Ideas began to pour through. I would write notes to myself in the middle of the night about an idea called “Evolutionary Woman”.  I had never taught this before, but I was trained in acting and I had learned and explored many avenues of self-discovery. If I looked at it closely, I had a wealth of experience and information. But that wasn’t it.  I had something else to offer, explore:  The unknown avenues of women’s hearts and souls. That, I couldn’t prepare for.

I designed many weeks of material.  But I also had to let go and trust.  I would lead, but I would also respect. There were times when I could not step in and do what I felt was “right”. It wasn’t all up to me. That is what Evolutionary Woman is all about.  Collective growth in a cocoon of “awakening”. It is a humbling experience, and challenging.  It is not a socializing thing, though there are certainly elements of that!  It is not a single-purposed group with a set mission.  Each person brings their unique desires and abilities to the mix.  But we do share a common purpose. To help each other grow.

We are here to respect and love one another.
We are here to be champions for one another.
We are here to hold each other accountable to the best that each of us can be
We hold a vision of what’s true and what’s possible
We won’t give up until we become the butterfly

“If the purpose of the Evolutionary Women’s Circle could be distilled into one sentence, would it look like this: To awaken and realize our influence and potential both as individuals and groups, to then become the fully alive, effective and deliberate creators that we can be.”

  Marion Morrish, Participant

How Evolutionary Woman is Evolving

I have changed the content of Evolutionary Woman substantially since the beginning. I find that it is drilling down to the basics, becoming more crystalline. For me, it is still a Spiritual path, not a self-help philosophy.  I do add into the mix things that are familiar and comforting, and some fun too. We even did hula hoops one night – thanks to K!  But when we settle down into the circle, miraculous things happen.  The energy shifts.  Commitments are made and kept, women’s hearts and spirits are honoured.

“I see you”

We “see” each other in the mirror of our own desiring, our own compassion, our own resolve, our greater Collective Will. For transformation. For truth. For passion. For possibility. For Reality.

And when someone else can see us in the way we want to be seen and heard, we blossom, we fly.  We begin anew. Anything is possible.

But no one can do it alone. And so, we join. We remind. We practice. We share. We “act”. We play. We dance. We transform.

We say “Amen”!

What’s Next?

The next Evolutionary Women’s Workshop is being held at In the Spirit Yoga Studio and Wine Lounge in the village of Highland Creek, Scarborough. Oct 14 – Dec 9/12 every other Sunday from 4-6pm. 

To register call (647) 352-4879 or e-mail

 The Miracle Is You


Relaxation & Visualization CD


I prepared this for my Evolutionary Woman group last week and thought you may enjoy it. It is a first recording of a Relaxation & Visualization CD meditation using the art of hypnosis. It is entirely improvised, and I found the flow of energy quite easy and effortless.  The imagery is quite beautiful and relaxing.  The women found it soothing and peaceful, and were able to visualize quite powerfully while in this altered state of hypnosis. You can also use it to attract good to you as you are far more receptive in this heightened state of awareness.


Download Relaxation Audio  Here


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Climbing the Staircase: Rising Up, Rising Above

Climbing the staircase - Glascow

This morning I awoke at 6:30am and wrote, clear but bleary-eyed, still lucid. I wrote a dream I had about a large hotel with glass walls and a large stairway rising up. I was going to see a friend who was there, waving to me from above. She was on the 11th floor.  When I got to the top, I realized you could see down, past her room railing, down to every other level below. I am a little scared of heights, but in a dream it was “no biggy”.  There were people there, doing things, performing, dancing, singing, and my friend was busily preparing herself for a guest. I was watching her from my own perspective, fascinated with all the people and activity.

What was I doing there? 

ACTION IN FAITH: “Doubter, Meet DOER!”

Today I spent the greater part of my time getting connected with my gifts and taking ACTION.  Not only did I get the majority of my taxes done (:O!) , I also spent time building my business with my business mentor Adela Rubio and her Enlightened List Building community.  She was surely the catalyst, but I have been climbing the walls with this for some time!


I absolutely love what I do – when I’m DOING IT! I love to share my message here with you, my readers and friends, who have been listening since my original “30 Days of Miracles” began…  And now, I’m embarking on my SECOND Evolutionary Woman Circle in Toronto. After 2 successful runs at a local church, I am venturing into new territory, and have been invited to facilitate one at a local yoga studio.  I have been thinking about this opportunity for some time, along with a dear friend and business owner there who has been longing for it too. It’s wonderful when things connect!

What I learned today, and what I expressed last night to my new EW partner is this:

When we are afraid, when we fear failure, what we need is:


Not so much ‘Faith in Action’, because that assumes we have any!  Often, we don’t.  So, the flip side is…  Take action first, knowing that the faith will come by doing something about it.

My friend also mentioned her fear of failure being washed away by the ocean tides. I could see this dissolve with the flow of the water reigning down upon her, carrying her along for the ride.  It was a beautiful image.  It also led me to say,

“ACTION IN FAITH eliminates fear and failure.  Because without action, you have failed already, right?  So, you have nothing to lose, and hence, nothing to fear!”

This was a light-bulb for the both of us. Wonderful, isn’t it?