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Miracle 30: “Walk the Path”


Well, I am rounding down to a place of completion. It doesn’t feel like it exactly.  Although I have accomplished a lot this summer, both physically and mentally, there is so much farther to go.

But before I go about listing everything else I must do, and seeking further inspiration, I will take the advice of a friend who said, “If you are looking for inspiration, don’t look up, look down.”

What does that mean?

Walk the path.

Miracle 29: BEING The Miracle with Tash Jefferies

Tash Jefferies, Green Minutes Founder


I just finished an exuberant, heart-felt and miraculous conversation with Green Minutes Canada founder and author, Tash Jefferies She poured her heart out, telling her story of going from welfare and illness, and the death of loves ones, to a miraculous life where she is serving others with her message of hope and LOVE for each other and the planet.

LISTEN to Tash and Krista on “BEING a Miracle” (.mp3)


How did she transform?  Here are the “HIGH”-“LIGHTS”:


1.  BLESSINGS EVERY DAY – Awaking each morning and thinking on the miracles of every relationship she has ever encountered, lost loved ones whom she still cherishes and is still connected to in spirit (eternal – infinite), and her own spiritual gifts she is living RIGHT NOW.

Count each blessing, ruminate on it, let it fill your mind with peace and gratitude until it overflows and must be expressed in the world!


2.  TALK TO STRANGERS There are no strangers in Tash’s world!  She is a LOVING BEACON to all, to the homeless man on the street, the lovely woman in a crowded room, the lonely one, the wallflower no one talks to. She will say a kind word and spread the love no matter what, no matter who, without a care for how they respond. Not surprisingly, she is flooded with MORE gratitude and MORE LOVE from others whom she has touched! She records their lives and messages in her journal so she will never forget the gifts she gave and was given.


3. THE EMPTY JAR –  Tash has a large pickle jar in her office. It is empty. Why?  Because it is a tool to visualize the wealth and abundance of the present moment – it is filled only with possibility, with no past records of failures or faults.   It is a constant reminder to begin again, RIGHT NOW.

Nothing in your past can harm you, nothing now. Whenever you get bugged by something, or feel like a failure, look at that jar or clean slate on the wall and remember:  The past is gone, it can touch me not. I AM WHO I AM, and I can begin again RIGHT NOW!  The power is in constant renewal.


 4. LIVING SIMPLY    When you focus on the power of the Spirit within you and live your life with integrity and honesty, and simply want to help spread a message of LOVE, you don’t need so  much stuff!  Tash knows coming from times of hardship, having lived through welfare, illness and the death of loved ones.  The abundance is within you! And ironically, when you GIVE instead of focusing on getting, more comes to your aid in the physical/material as well! All your needs are taken care of.


5. JUST DO IT!  Having lived through hardship and defining herself a certain way growing up (shy, wallflower, soft spoken), Tash never knew herself to be as she is now. But something inside her was meant to be – her mother called it a “gift”, and now she is living it. How did she find the courage?  She wakes up every morning and says, I am not who I was, or what other people say about me.  “YOU ARE WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE NOW. NOBODY ELSE CAN DECIDE THAT FOR YOU.  JUST GO OUT AND DO IT!”


#1 KEY:    BE LOVING. Period. People are not giving enough. That is why they are depleted and stressed. GIVE MORE! You will receive more than you could ever hold. She said people only have 2 real needs, which are really the #:  “To be loved, and to feel appreciated /recognized as having value – that their life matters. When you give this love, you receive the same. The rewards are immense.

LISTEN to Tash and Krista on “BEING a Miracle”

Thank you Tash for this wonderful gift. That more might listen, send this message to everyone!




Miracle 28: “The Miracle is ME!”


krista red april cropped and large 2008This morning I had a crisis of faith.  Given I can feel great one day, and not so good the next, I wondered if I would ever solve the puzzle of my own mental dance.  I wondered if I’m just making all this stuff up, and nothing I am saying is real.  That’s the real mind f-*-#-*k the ego does.  Yes, dear, you are entirely wrong, and crazy to boot.

So, I lay there for some while, endeavouring not to do anything, deciding if I just stay in bed, I will challenge God to do something – poke me with a big, fat stick, or take me out.  He didn’t.  But I did rise up.  Why?

I thought to myself:  My happiness, my energy, my action does NOT require my belief.  I simply need to do what I know works. That’s it.

I happen to believe in Spirit. That word I cannot be offended by – cannot dissolve into a teary mess if challenged by atheists or my own internal bug.  No, I can shake hands with Spirit. I KNOW Spirit. I do not need to defend anything.  Spirit is I Am, and I see it in everyone.  IT is what arises in me when I get out of bed.  Like right now, I said, as I stood there contemplating what all this means (I know, I think too much).  My mother would give me a swift kick of “tough love” and say go help someone, stop thinking about yourself. That would shame anyone into doing the laundry or laughing with the kids.

The truth is, I know what I need. As glorious as the summer is, it is not my sweet time.  I love the fall (I know, crazy). I love the wild breezes, the dust getting kicked up and travelling to New York on the fly.  I love the surprise of it all. Languid and limp? Not me!

So what does all this mean? What’s the miracle here, Krista dear?  I’ll tell you.  It’s ME!  I decided to change my mind.  This conundrum of what I believe has led me to realize that though I believe many things, that’s not what gets me up in the morning.

Here’s what does:

  • Laughing with you
  • Working on a project I love
  • Working with people in a circle, on a plane, in the rain
  • Climbing tall buildings in a single bound
  • Grabbing a coffee before cracking my books open
  • Getting on a train (GO Train in my case)
  • Going downtown
  • Bright lights, big city love
  • Circle surprises and energy rising
  • Laughing til my face hurts
  • Praying with gratitude (not requests)
  • Believing in myself
  • Holding a vision so big it almost bursts
  • Sharing that vision with you and
  • Watching your eyes light up

So that’s what got me up this morning, and now I am at Starbucks.  Starbucks in Scarborough, which could just as easily be New York or anywhere on earth.  It doesn’t matter. The music fills me, the Chai tea with half and half, honey, cinnamon and nutmeg, banana bread with two hunks of butter and no apologies.  Typing wildly to you and being happy, completely transformed.

Completely – Transformed.

That’s it.

The miracle for today.

What’s yours?


Me xo



Miracle 27: “Harmony Song”

 Imagine a man and woman sitting on a beach, sharing their stories. They hardly know each other, they are just friends, new to each other, yet holding ancient keys. In between them rests Epiphany.  Two years later there is emptiness, an empty chair, as they carry on with their lives.  Their stories seem to cease.  Are kept in silent symmetry.  Time passes, and they go on producing, creating, living. They go on in faith, forgiving.  Tears come and cease.  Learning never seems to end. Is there a final word for this? A story that can be told out in the open? Maybe someday.

The silent heart of a woman rarely speaks, but when it does, it is a torrent, a tornado, a tsunami of consciousness. Creative, Loving, Whole. And when she lets go, it is as if the wave that once held her catches her and drags her along. Buried by her own quest. Afraid of the long-forgotten current or song.  Oh song! Don’t break me, carry me out, release me and carry me along.  I will not crumble, I will not quake. I can take the great tornado of my own Song. For I do not, will not sing alone!

*       *       *

What causes this great change?  This great awakening?  Yes, it seems we must push ourselves, or be pushed to the brink, before we listen, we hear. I have no idea what combination of grace this rests on (miracles, magic, hard work, fate?), but in my experience it is always mixed with a bit of joy, and many tears.

Why do we cry? One woman asked me in our women’s circle. She almost felt left out, like she wasn’t working hard enough. But what makes me cry is deliverance, from the very “working hard enough”, trying too hard to hold it all together, keep everything sane and clear, to complete abandonment – of an old way, an old scheme, an old love, an old dream. It is earth shattering at times, and sublime. I don’t know what makes this happen, but I see it all the time. Its potential is in us all, and we are in it or ready for it, or not at all. No one can make us go there. We are strong enough if we are here, or we wouldn’t be here.

I am comforted by all your stories, and the pattern I see. Highly successful women and men reaching epiphany. It is time. What can we give?  What can I do? Everything, and nothing. It will happen anyway. It is inevitable. Painful at times. Like a river running through me, jammed up by rocks, then bursting through. Oh! To be released from the earthly pleasures and pains! To be united again, and not suffer so. What is this pain? What is this suffering? Forgetfulness, and then unity. We will be there again, we will find our way back home. In each other, in a prayer, in hope, in letting go.

It seems today you wrote me. I feel it all. And yet, glory is still possible – true glory, and true pleasure – reaching for the greatest gift of all. The Miracle of You – the partner, the friend, the lover, the fighter, nature, dog, child, lover. It doesn’t matter who. They all seap through. It is YOU! We are craving for, inviting in. Whoever you are. Love us, guide us, (torture us!), heal our wounds. Never again will we be alone. We invite you in to a Harmony Song. Never again uninvited. United. Befriended. Friend to All.  Amen.

Thank you all.

Miracle 26: “Just the Beginning”

This miracle post is a seed I’ve planted.  Every  miracle may be unseen, just a fraction of what it could be. Perhaps forgotten or unseen. Each request, each desire, each miraculous perception, each forgiveness, each loving thought, each dream, each vision:  All these things are just the beginning for me.

My miracles come all the time. But, I have thought pretty small. I have gotten down on myself, or forgotten what I am capable of.  I have prayed big dreams, and I have just begun to dream again.  Everything I have dreamed about, envisioned, almost everything I have felt truly passionate about has come to pass.  I wrote things 10 years ago that have all happened.

My biggest problem is:  have I run out of dreams?  What is a bigger dream than what I have already lived and achieved?

The funny thing is, I am not yet satisfied.  I am content, I am happy at times, grateful. But Nothing can convince me that there isn’t more.  I know there is.  That may be a curse to some, but to me it is the greatest blessing.

I can’t wait for MORE!

I can’t wait to surprise someone, to surprise myself. I can’t wait to be so surprised by the opening in my life, the invitation to more, the greatest vision possible that I couldn’t have come up with on my own:  I can’t wait to be so shaken and surprised that I break down and cry.

This is just the beginning for me.  I have planted many seeds. Some things have already sprouted. Some things I am still tending to, and they are growing, slowly.  But I will not accept that this is it for me.  This little patch of garden, this little patch of grass, this one little tree.

No, I envision something much, much BIGGER, to give my greatest blessings to MORE and MORE. I envision all my talents being used, everything I have ever learned, read, studied, achieved, being used for something much GREATER, transforming and uplifting us MORE and MORE!

Can I cross? Photo by Garland Cannon


I am not done.  Nor will I ever be.  I hope you are excited, too. Because you can do anything you want to.  You don’t have to win anyone’s approval to accept this for yourself. Just begin to see it, ask for it, write about it, dream it, imagine it.  It will come if it’s for you.

I look back on old miracles I have received, that transformed my life forever. I still feel grateful for them.  Some of those miracles are still working in my life, relationships that saved me from where I was and helped move me to where I am.


But there’s more.  More relationships, people, places, things to do.  I can’t possibly know what all that looks like or how exactly it’s going to come to pass, but I know enough to begin.  And I know enough to keep asking.  I know when I speak these powerful words, these great “I AMs”, something moves heaven and earth with me.  That force is so great in  me, it shakes the universe.  That may sound arrogant, but it is not. It is true.  I can feel it.  And so can you, when you declare it.  Just try it!


On the weekend I witnessed a woman who didn’t think she was strong.  I asked her to try something with me. That if I were to push down on her outstretched arm it would not fall.  I taught her to declare “I AM STRONG. I AM UNDEFEATED.”  That she could do it. That she was POWERFUL.  I told her to repeat it three times, “I AM STRONG. I AM STRONG. I AM STRONG!” and when she was ready, I pushed down on her arm.  It stayed straight out, undefeated. It would NOT go down.

Of course when we did the opposite and she thought to herself, “I am weak, I am tired” her arm fell right down. The same thing happened with another man with the statements reversed.  An eye opener for all who were witnessing the power of our thoughts and words.

That is just a minor example of how our attitude and self-perception can be shaken into something new.

What if I can?  What if I AM?  What if it’s TRUE?

Iberian Peninsula at Night – NASA

I have witnessed many miracles, many things come to pass that I was hoping for and envisioning. People have recently come into my life that told me they had faith in me. They believed I can. Will I disappoint them? Will I pretend that it was just a lucky break?

Or will I believe that something happened for a reason, that this person was a messenger for me. That I need to change my attitude, and ask for something BIG?

This is just the beginning for me.  I don’t know what will happen, but I’m going to begin to imagine.  And then I’m going to open myself and watch what happens. It may be a phone call, a pronouncement, a declaration, an invitation, an idea, a step, a reminder, a new opportunity, a miracle.

I invite it in. Like the seeds just planted that I haven’t seen yet.  I will water them and pick out the weeds. I will step back. I will wait for the miracle to begin.  And I will expand my vision.   Instead of this little patch, I see a great swaying field, as wide as the eye can see, an OCEAN of miracles, a GALAXY.  A UNIVERSE sparkling and receptive, expanding every day.  A myriad of possibilities.  I will not step down and stare at the ceiling. I will close my eyes and see beyond what most people see.  I will awaken to a NEW STORY, a new promise, a new demand in me.  And I will meet it.  I WILL SUCCEED!


Say this to yourself, or something greater. Believe with me.  No matter how feeble. Think: This is “Just the Beginning”.  Plant a seed.  Blow on it.  Watch it grow.  Step back and let the miracles blow you away.

This is just the beginning. Another day. No, a NEW day.  Never happened this way.  Never before.  Totally and completely unexpected.  Something that jolts even me beyond where I’ve been or thought possible.

I put it out there.  I believe. I keep dreaming, giving, declaring it for myself.  That is the greatest gift I can give to others.

Until I am surprised, astonished, I know I can do more. I will not stop until I know my vision is big enough to open that greatest of doors.


What is the  miracle you are afraid to declare? What is your greatest vision, secret hope, deepest wish? Declare it for yourself.

Miracle 25: “SHINE ON!”

For many years, and just a few moments ago, I realized I have been living with a myth that only certain things or people are “spiritual”.   There were those “on the path” and those who weren’t.  Activities that were “good” and those that were “bad”.  I even put down some of the things that gave me the most joy, like shining my light while acting, or singing, as ways to “get attention”.  That may be true, so what of it?


 Is it good or bad to shine a light on someone, give them a little attention, a little praise?  Is it wrong to go out with your friends and dance your socks off (or sandals, or heels?)




What is “Spiritual” and what is a “Miracle”?  Such heavy-weighted words, impossible to meet sometimes.  What if I said, as someone has said to me, that all things are spiritual – because the Spirit of Life/Source is in everyone and everything.  How could it not be?  Do you think the Spirit or Source that breathes in all of Life, that fuels the stars with their brilliance, whether gaseous energy or vast intelligences unseen, has chosen some things to activate and not others?

This is a real revelation for me, so pardon me while I explore it. I really want to “get” this because it’s implications could be mind-blowing!

What about having “FUN”??…  A word I often cringe at, yes, me.  I often look down on pleasure-seeking, even though I am the first one to shriek with glee as I come flying down a water-slide, or hang in the air with a friend on a para-sail (thanks, Lori T :).  Some of my most joyous moments are doing silly, crazy things that have nothing to do with being “Spiritual” or God-seeking. And yet, yet, what if those things were Divine/Spiritual/Good, too?

What if I truly haven’t gotten the truth of this message in all this time? Geez… could I be that thick?


I admit sometimes I feel I’m channeling the spark of the Divine/Source/Light, and it feels truly sublime. But I also have to admit that sometimes I am channeling the divine, or some other kind of light-filled exuberant intelligence when I am dancing wildly and freely with friends, feeling the music, moving my body, sensuality becoming a true part of me and how I express myself.  I have often been told I am one of the most sensual people on the planet.  Why deny it?  🙂


Denial is a trap.  I can deny the ego which seeks to destroy me with its negativity and worry, and cause separation and attack (I’ll get into that another time, doesn’t sound like much fun right now, does it? 🙂

But seriously.  When is having fun hurting anyone?  Except myself when I don’t allow it. Or judge it as foolish. Or hide myself away not allowing myself the ability to shine MY WAY, which includes:  sensuality, dancing, excitement, acting, singing, speaking, performing, being with others.  Endless ways to SHINE.

And what is all this SHINING for?  Well, in the moments when I shine,  a lightened door opens.  And I do not hesitate.  There is no thinking or evaluation going on. I am free. I have no judgement, no fear, no self-doubt, no comparisons to make. I am just LIVING on the ground floor and flying up the escalator, maybe through the ceiling, maybe mile-high, maybe!

Why do it?











Who knows what is spiritual and why. I know I am. And so are you, no matter who you are or what you think is right. We will all end up in the same place, and I dare say, we are all in the same place now, sharing this planet and this inner landscape.  If we weren’t, you wouldn’t be hearing it, and I wouldn’t be speaking it, and there would be no communication or agreement.  So, here we are.


Shining my light


What makes you shine?

What makes you shine/smile/feel elated? What brings out your best and worst (ie., read my judgement of “bad/wrong/naughty”) sides?  What makes you howl like the wind, or fly like an eagle?  What makes you mad as hell and happy as heaven?  (I am also told I am the sexiest when I am flaming mad about to pour out my wrath ;).



Why not let yourself SHINE for awhile? 

For all the world to see, your great escape, your magical twist on things, your multi-plex inner landscape. Your uniqueness. Whatever radiates from you is true, real and called for. It doesn’t matter what calls it forth, so long as it does.


Please. Don’t deny it as I have done in the past.  I am asking myself, and you, to try on a new skirt, hat, sunglasses, expression. Or wild wings no one else can see.  Or a Mona Lisa smile.  Whatever that lighted gaze brings on.  BRING IT ON!


Your spirit sings. You are marvellous, like a lightning rod.  SHINE ON!  SING!  DANCE!  PLAY!  Say YES, for Goodness sake, and if you think you might be wrong/bad, give yourself a little room to BREATHE.


Doesn’t it feel good to be you?  To be given permission to let it all hang loose?

God knows, I need it.  I’ve gotten too good for my own good!

SUPER, SEXY and can SAVE the planet!


So what is a miracle?

Another way of putting it:  What does it mean to SHINE ON?  It means you are HAPPY, that’s all (that’s it??). Do whatever makes you  HAPPY, as soon as possible. Because without that, no one will see your smile, and be lifted to their own greatness.

And goodness knows, we could all use a little more of that. 😉