Sending out the Love

The power of our thoughts can shift the landscape of our minds in the blink of an eye;  but the power of our hearts is infinite. 

What we hold in our minds can create or shatter our world without even “thinking”;  but what we hold in our hearts can uphold and transform it from the bleakest dream to the most heavenly one.

If I rise and think negative thoughts about myself, my day or my community, I will have no life.  My body will not respond with vitality or interest.  But if I rise and shift my thoughts to the truth, that I am a powerful being who can think and create and I have the power of love inside of me – then there is nothing I cannot do.  This day suddenly turns from dullness to daydreams and surprises.

October 21,2007 057

My family is happier. My children laugh and bound in gleefulness. My spouse snuggles up to me in comfort and gratitude. My friends feel seen and heard.  Those hurting come to me and share their griefs and find rest and courage to rise up and do something unheard of, something never before seen. Their hearts are transformed.  Because I said “Yes” to this day, to them, to Life. 


It all begins in the power of our minds.  First we must make the shift. Away from the goo and muck of our ugly thoughts which weigh us down and keep us stuck.  We grab a book, a psalm, a prayer, something that uplifts us.  We make contact.  We feel the ease and swell of truth rise up within us.  It gives us courage to meet the truth and take the next step.

That is the miracle of transformation and the power we all hold… Do we choose to wield it with Love?

If I see a conflict in my world that day, an unhappy sight, a glum child, a depressing situation, a dog that seems to be dying, a a world in distress, a storm that may flood the city (again), I have two choices:  I can join the world in its unhappy song.

Or I can send the vibration of love through it and watch the miracles roll into my shore…

My eyes are opened. I see the truth clearly. I sing the beat of my heart clearly.  I send the vibration of love out to those in need. And I respond with that love when whatever comes comes through me. I am transformed. My world is transformed. I have done my duty and I am freed.


canada day outside house and heather bird 2009 100What can you transform this day if you only give it the energy of your thought, your time, your love? 

What can be completely miraculously shifted into joy and happiness because you showed up?

Every moment a joyful surprise waiting to be opened.

A tear transformed into laughter.  A hostility halted and healed. 

An invitation waiting to be heard and sent.  A celebration mightier than any social event.

That is a dream worth having. 

A power worth all its intent.

A power we are all born with.

Wield it most powerfully.

Wield it with Love. 




P.S. What can you transform today?  What intent are you holding for someone or something?  Hold it with love. Transform it. See it turn into true treasure. Something never before seen. Turn it into Love.  And share your stories or comments below.




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