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What happens when we divest ourselves of what’s past, and engage with what’s present?  Our awareness expands and shows us something new. The miracle is that there are no thorns in that.

When we are free, our awareness guides and glides us to what is best, what lives, what breathes. And what only open us up… to everything.

Top Photo: Paul Tuttle, Mountains at Lake Louise

After one mountain has been climbed there is usually another. Some people talk of the valley, and lo! how I have been there at times. I would much rather be climbing the mountain, than finding my way in the nestled trees and dark cover of the valley.  I would rather climb up and grab onto their massive hearty trunks as I pull myself up higher and higher, finding my foothold.  My breath.

There is nothing like overcoming an obstacle and receiving your reward.  If it is too easy, there is nothing to celebrate, nothing to be glad about. If it was always there, it wasn’t worth reaching for in the first place.  But if it was hard at times, out of sight, and it pushed you to your limits, and it taught you something new, then it is worth having and holding on to.

Life is not to be a struggle.  Far from it. It is to challenge and engage us with all we’ve got, to force us at times to let go of what’s not, and reach for something higher, saner, bigger. More beautiful. More holy.  Forgiven.  The grace that comes from that flight, that fight at times, that airless breezeless gift, that momentary levitation, is worth all the lessons in the world.

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To taste that momentary awareness of everything, of

greatness, of limitlessness, of YES,

is priceless.


What could you let go of that wasn’t yours in the first place?

What could you open your mind and thought to, a hidden glimpse of what is possible in you?

What would you see if you reached a little higher?


The sound that you hear when you reach that corridor, that skyline, that place inside that says “I can’t believe it. I’m here. I made it!” is pure magic. A silent hum descends in your consciousness, like a delicious soup warming your mouth, free floating bees hovering over naked flowers, a priest about to speak.  The anticipation is wild, and the taste breathtaking. 

The earth quakes when we move. Not in the literal sense with disruption and alarm, though sometimes that happens in the process.  But it moves with us, anticipates. It opens up to embrace us as we journey out.  It greets us with amazing vistas. It teaches us to be humble in the midst of chaos.  It knows where we are going even if we do not.

The universe is the same. What magic comes when we look up at the stars, when we venture beyond the known lights of the city and see what is really there that we hadn’t even noticed before?  What happens when we close our eyes and imagine even more…

There is a limitless place we can go where we rise higher than before, see more, do more, become more, have more, and yet be attached to nothing.  Because the more we go into this limitless awareness, the less we want to drag our heels, or anything else, behind us. We want to leap forward! keep going and expanding, growing, seeing where we are going, see what’s around each corner.  Each corridor. Each door. Waiting for us to be opened…

Celestial Door. Photo: Anthony Cozza.

Celestial Door. Photo: Anthony Cozza.


Open that door. That silent gate asking you to come and participate.

What is waiting on the other side of it?


What would you see if you stopped looking on the ground?

What would you know if you closed your eyes and asked to really go there?

Who would you meet if you allowed yourself to greet each day with “what’s new?”


What would that look like – to welcome this new awareness into your being every day?  To delight in what’s new and play? It could be a new friend to greet.  A new opportunity.  A house larger or more beautiful than you expected.  A hidden sanctuary.  A demand to seek more and receive.  A party of hidden players ready to play with you. 

Whatever your mountain is, your expanded view, open your arms and go for it. See what’s inside of you.  Wherever that breezeless, limitless gift resides in you, reach for it, implore it, become it, venture towards it. Know it. Let it be more manifold in you.

Like “A Room with a View”, our vision will expand to include things we hadn’t seen before. And then we will know what all the fuss was for. We will be infused. Made new. And our wanderings make perfect sense.  Clarity comes. We are awake. And we have more to think and do.


Find that expanded view.

Find what is waiting for you.



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