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Krista Moore is a dynamic speaker, writer, professional actress turned Angelic Channel, Hypnotist/Healer, Spiritual Director, and soon to be RYT200 Yoga Instructor. She has traversed both the business and spiritual worlds, the mundane and the miraculous to help others grow and be free.  

What she shares comes from the inside and is definitely not run of the new-age mill.  Spontaneous and Spirit-led, channelled from the Angelic realms, as well as personal, raw, deep and authentic, her mission is to arouse hope and helps you tap into your true spiritual “essence” in a deeply powerful and experiential way, inspiring you to live a miraculous life!

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NEW! CHANNEL OF LIGHT SHOW (Krista’s BlogTalk Radio show)

EPISODE Sample: “How to Connect to God and the Angels” with Krista Moore

Krista helps you get answers to your deepest questions, receive powerful healing energies, and learn what it is like to become a channel of light and to live a miraculous life!  

She channels for Live callers every Friday at 11am ET on BlogTalk radio. For a complete list of episodes and to download the podcast, go to Krista’s new Moore Miracles website: 

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MIRACLE TV (Krista’s Youtube Channel)



The Power of Synchronicity with Krista Moore & Tina Games

AUDIO download: Synchronicity Dialgue with Krista Moore

BONUS: “Spiritual Surrender & The Miracle of Letting Go” with Krista Moore (interview by Tina Games) 

” Krista has such a glorious melt-in-your-mouth voice that you know you will journey deeply with her.”  – Santari Green – Global Visionary Network (UK)

Adela Rubio

Adela Rubio

Transforming through BIG SHIFTS with Adela Rubio (interview by Krista)

Krista interviews Adela Rubio on her big shift after Hurricane Sandy and a house fire completely took her home.  The ripple effects touch every area of her life, and yet, as an evolutionary change agent, she not only learned to navigate it with grace and honesty, she invoked this powerful change with her spirit and conscious energy months, perhaps years before. See Blog Post about this Interview.

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Santari surprises Krista at the Florence bus station

“What is a Miracle?” with Krista Moore & Santari Green (U.K)

LISTEN or Download the AUDIO highlights of this interview

Krista: “A miracle is actually something that is very empowering: it’s a shift in your perception from fear into love, so that you become an active agent in the world in causing miracles to occur.”

“We’re not really individuals any more: we’re really a collective field … but each individual needs to play their part, so we have to come into that place of understanding that not only are we conduits but we really are the energy itself.”


Tash Jefferies

Tash Jefferies

“Being a Miracle” with Krista Moore & Tash Jefferies  

 “BEING a Miracle”  What does it mean to be a miracle in this world? Tash Jefferies talks about her journey from hardship and shyness to the dynamic, loving spirit she now offers the world. Tash is the founder of Green Minutes Canada and the author of “The Little Book of Green Minutes”.  Listen to her share her blessings and uplift the world.  Read Highlights on Krista’s blog 



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