Little Book of Miracles

Krista Moore is the author of the original Miracles Blog series, “Krista’s Little Book of Miracles” featuring “30 Days of Miracles”, which chronicles the everyday challenges and breakthroughs of being a creative and spiritual woman in the 21st century.  From “Coming Out of the God Closet” to “What Faith Means to Me” her honesty and insight is pure, raw, magic! Each entry leads her and the reader one step closer to the heart of it – and one step closer to truth.

You can read this original blog series for a limited time below!


30 Days of Miracles (Invitation 2010)

30 Days of Miracles (2011)

30 Days of Miracles (2012)

Miracles of Life and Death

Summer of Miracles 2013


“Krista’s Big Compendium of Everyday Miracles, featuring recipes for excellent health and magical insightfulness. It’s a terrific read and recommended reading for anyone seeking exciting new vistas for their life. Yes … big fan!!” Santari Green, Visionary Network, UK


Of “Miracle 15: Coming out of the God Closet” “This one is my absolute favourite so far. Beautiful; I felt the rise; the push and pull, the spirit of the words. Love it!!!” – Erin M.

” I just read all your posts!  They made me cry but also made me feel really peaceful.  I can hear your voice as I read them.  Really awesome.  Keep them coming please! I love it.” – Anita V.


“Oh Krista … I loved it! Your poem makes me want to sing, and not just with my voice but with my whole being/spirit….  Keep on writing, Brave Heart!”  – Stacey C.


“You are amazing Krista! Keep up your “little book of miracles” I love it! You are so awesome.” – Sheryl W.


“This is beautiful Krista.  They have all been beautiful, but this one especially touches me deeply.  What I am feeling in my life right now is very like this…..and it is a blessing….and this blessing radiates out into the Universe.  Thank you for expressing it for me.”   Much love,  Mary R., CA


“Just wanted to say that I’m really excited by your blog. You’ve done a fantastic job. It’s inspiring.” – Jane M., New York


“WOW, what a great way to put it, Krista: Power of truth mixed with power of imagination…”Mariellan Ward, BreathDreamGo


“So true so honest.  It is what I love and admire so much in you.”  – Sadhana C, Australia


“Thank you from this one who is reading.. xxxx”  – Brigitte Muir, First Australian woman to climb Mount Everest