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Krista + Elizabeth: 2 Day Workshop April 2018

Join Krista Moore and Elizabeth Rose, Channels/Hypnotists 

as they co-facilitate a powerful 2-Day Metaphysical Intensive

at the Holiday Inn, Burlington, April 14-15, 2018.

Sponsored by the Canadian Hypnosis Conference (CHC).

Open to all – not just for hypnotists!




Elizabeth + Krista : 2-Day Metaphysical

New at Moore Miracles!

This website contains all of my blogs since 2010, including my entire miraculous journey, which I have loved sharing with you. 

Did you know I have another website I developed which contains even more wonderful resources for you?! This website, called “Moore Miracles” contains all my services and online store in one place.

For example, each week I broadcast LIVE on BlogTalk radio on my show “Channel of Light”, every Friday at 11am ET, and the recordings are all found FREE on my Podcast Page at Moore Miracles. And there is so much More! Here is a list of new resources for your to explore at Moore Miracles!


Krista’s LIVE SHOW “Channel of Light”on BlogTalk Radio

Krista’s Weekly Podcast – Free Audio Recordings

Private Channeled Readings with Krista

Krista’s Monthly & Special Events: “Channelling the Angelic Realm”

Krista’s Miracle Music: “Song of Prayers” Coming Soon!

Krista’s Full Immersion into Spirit intensive program

All Krista’s Services & Online Store

I hope you have fun exploring the new offerings and drop me a line to let me know what miracles we can help create for you!

Much love everyone!


An Evening of Spirit

Krista Moore is now holding small group sessions at Miracles Grow Here in east Toronto. Join us for a monthly gathering called “An Evening of Spirit”, where Krista will be channelling and sharing only the Highest wisdom, healing energies, teachings and guidance. 

These events give you the opportunity to:

  • Receive answers to your deepest questions!
  • Experience greater awareness and peace through guided (channelled) meditation
  • Learn new ways of achieving greater health, happiness, joy and fulfillment
  • Heal on a mental/physical/emotional/spiritual level
  • Grow in the awareness of your soul, guides, spiritual gifts and true life purpose
  • Connect with community, friends in a warm and welcoming environment.
Each event is different, though most include Guided/Channelled messages for you and/or the group, Guided Meditations or “Channelled Hypnotic Inner Journeys” (eg. past life), and special Divine healing energies from the Highest source available. You can’t get that every day of the week!
Participation is encouraged but not required. Privacy respected. Although no private sessions will be offered at the event this time, you can book one in advance before or after the event on a different day or evening. Please let me know soon as October is filling up fast! Thank you.)
Open to new participants, Bring a friend! Community drop-in style. Courtesy RSVP to ensure space. 
Enjoy conversation, tea and light snacks while Krista channels and guides the group. Casual, comfortable clothing. Parking provided. Suggested donation: $20-30 though no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Please join us!
RSVP for Oct 24 to ensure space, get directions and let me know if you are bringing anyone. Replying to this email, or call/text 647-280-0387. 
Did you know we have a Facebook page with all the upcoming events, and inspiration? “Like” Miracles Grow Here and join the event through our “An Evening of Spirit” event page.

Next event dates:

Mon. October 24, 2016 7pm-9pm

Mon. November 21, 2016 7pm-9pm

Mon. December 12, 2016 7pm-9pm

For those who would also like to experience this privately, Krista sees private clients during the week for one on one sessions in person or on Skype, and provides 2-day private healing retreat intensives at Miracles Grow Here in West Hill, Scarborough (On, CA) called Full Immersion into Spirit.  More on that soon!

For more information or to RSVP/get directions to one of these events, please contact us here.


Awakening to Divine Love

Valentine’s Healing Retreat

February 12-14, 2016

A new winter healing retreat with Krista Moore and Philip Young, healers, over the Valentine’s weekend at the Lotus Heart Centre, Brighton, Ontario. Open to singles and couples – bring a friend, partner, family member, loved one!  A few spots still left to share. Contact to book your spot. To reserve a private sessions with Krista  Contact Krista directly to pre-book. Book soon!




Email Andre Lepine, Owner of the Lotus Heart Centre, at:

TO PRE-BOOK Private Channelling/Healing Sessions with Krista, Email:

Thank you!

Come “Fall Away” with me in Muskoka!

 Fall is my favourite time of year – the fresh scent in the air, and the “out with the old, in with the new” attitude. Perhaps it is from schooldays and the smell of fresh paper and my beloved pens that keeps me grounded and focused on what is possible.  And this fall is bound to be even more special!

Come “Fall Away” with me, Krista Moore (Founder and CEO, Evolutionary Woman), and Deb Niven and Allison Frame of The Divine Destination Collection for a luxurious 3-night getaway in Muskoka. 

We will be embarking on October 18 – October 21/13 at the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resport & Spa for a cornucopia of new experiences, spiritual transformation, and gastronomical delights (including fine wine and local beer!)

On Friday and Saturday morning, I will be offering a unique, transformative workshop, inviting you to “Fall Away” with the transition of the seasons, and discover “What’s  New about You”.  Immerse yourself in the local bounty, sample new delights, surprise yourself  by really “Showing Up”to the party that is Life! Get ready to unlock your wild imagination and create a new vision of what is possible.  (Yes, it is possible that Fall could be the beginning of your full flourishing and happiness!)  From  hum-drum “hi-hoe” to a wide open vista of passion and possibilities!

I will be treating you to some guided meditation/visualization exercises to really help you let go and fire up your imagination; and some sacred circle work to fully empower, enlighten and re-energize you on your new journey as a fully awakened, “alivened” You!  Nor will you be doing this alone,  but in the company of fantastic people and new friends on your Muskoka adventure!

To find out more, check out my Muskoka Retreat page, or for the full itinerary and Registration, visit The Divine Destination Collection. 

Hope to See You There!







Krista Moore
Founder & CEO, Evolutionary Woman



Miracle 16: “Unveiling”

Krista Moore at the 2012 Port Union Waterfront Festival


      Mmmm… my world is opening once again. What else can I unveil?  Yesterday’s post sent shivers as I read how it opened some of you. Oooh how I love as one door swings open, a chorus of 5-6-7-1,000,000 open, too!

I’m back! Can you feel it?  It took awhile, to descend. Sometimes like sweeping the bottom of a pool. From the top I see the water, clarity, rippling sunlight. But in the corners, still, a steady sediment and whispers of dead leaves hanging out.

     Then I say:

“OH Well!   DIVE IN!”

I AM SO EXCITED.  Not only am I back, ALIVE, feeling the motion again, at least partially, but I feel it within and with others, too.  Today I visited the yoga studio, and one of my teachers beamed at me as I walked in. We just couldn’t help ourselves, beaming light at each other, like 2 sun-rays who found their Source once again.

“Oh, it’s YOU!”  We’re Happy to “See” each other, greet each other, fill the space with our radiant energy.


And, I’m excited to be joining Tina Games and other special guests in October for a round table panel on spiritual topics (Now, that I’m out of the God closet, this should be fun! ;).

And I’m about to unveil another offering soon which I will post on my website and to my mailing list. If you’d like to know more, sign-up to the right and I will be happy to have you join me.  There are many things percolating, and more ways to connect than ever before.  CHECK BACK HERE!

I am also extremely happy to witness the “unveiling” in YOU.  Those participating in my EW workshops, and those in the 30 Days of Miracles.  I love all your comments, and witnessing the impact my words, confessions and courage have on you.  I would love to hear more, and intend to introduce LIVE CALLS soon.


Is that it? No. That’s not it.  But today is the beginning, again of you, of me, of what we can do. I am so happy to be a part of this energy, this wider, widening circle.  This intergalactic spill of ease and delight and effortless expression and sharing. This dance of becoming. This OOoooze of creational impulse, re-birthing, opening, channeling and blossoming…


How about YOU?

What is  “unveiling” about You?

(Write to me below, or private message me.

I LOVE hearing from YOU :)).





Krista Moore

This is Miracle 16 of Krista’s “30 Days of Miracles 2012” series . If you would like to join her growing community, ask her here, or write your comments below.

Miracle 3: “Letting Go of Fear”

Here is my confessional booth. STEP RIGHT UP! 🙂  Oh, pardon me, that’s me in line – looks like I’m going first.


Part of my journey has always been laden with fear. People often look surprised at me in my workshops when I own my fear. They may think if someone is stepping out into their greatness and shining a light, that there is no darkness going on inside. Well, there is in mine! All the time.  That is one of the most confusing and humbling parts of my journey. Each time I step out, I don’t think I can do it. Or I know I can, but it scares the *&^%$ bejeezus out of me.

What makes me sane, when I step out and do something I’ve never done before, is keeping it real with the people I love, and even the new people I am learning to love who may or may not love me. That’s scary!  Looking out at those faces and having no clue what any of them are thinking, yet opening my mouth and ‘spilling the beans’ – the good, the bad and the ugly – is a huge leap of faith. Vulnerability.

I wish there were an easier way. And believe me, I pray. But there isn’t. You  just have to do it anyway.  I love Susan J. Jeffers’ book, “Feel the Fear, and Do It Anyway” and Gerry G. Jampolsky’s “Love is Letting Go of Fear”.  These books are part of the reason I stepped into acting.  As well as my husband, who kept believing in me in spite of my fears and insecurities!  I would lie awake at night nervous before every gig, no matter how many I got. Every day was new, different somehow.  Each opportunity stretched me a little further to grow. And when I stopped growing, I knew it was time to move on to the next challenge.

That’s the weird part about me. If I’m not a bit nervous (or terrified) about something, I go a little crazy. I have to be doing something new, creating something exciting out of the ethers.  (And then I’m kicking myself for putting myself through so much change!) But each time I do, there is inevitably a moment like this one:

Staring into a circle of women, their faces soft and lit with light, love, giggles or tears. Broken open by what we are doing there.  I feel so in love with all of them, with the process of creation, with sharing, with their vulnerability, with caring. I feel broken open, too. My heart is full. Filled with gratitude. I have done this, and yet, I have not done this. I allowed it. It flowed through me. I gave my best. And they – they gave their all, too.

Isn’t life a miracle?


Here is an AUDIO: The 3 Layers of Letting Go I prepared for my women’s circle that I would like to share with you. It is all about the miracles of letting go: letting go of fear, and allowing the love, light and flow of something new.

I hope you enjoy it and let the miracle come through you!

Thanks for listening.


The Miracle Is You


Confession booth open 24/7 in the Comments field below. What fears nag you? And what miracles have seen you through?

What Is Evolutionary Woman?


Last fall I began the first Evolutionary Woman circle at West Hill United Church in Scarborough.  At first, 12 women signed up – settling down to around 9.  I was excited by the number, and what each woman brought to the circle (like the 12 signs of the Zodiac, or the 9 months in the cycle of birth or rebirth).

I remember lighting the candles and counting each one’s presence, and blessing the table before we  began..


 What – or Why – is Evolutionary Woman?

Good question. Which brings me to why I began it in the first place. At first, I was seeking. I was looking for connection with women who understood, or at least tried to, my spiritual interests and creative desires, and who I could share with at a deeper level. At the time, I was an actress and a closet writer.  I found women online, evolutionary consciousness communities in which I could thrive and learn. I would write on forums and listen to live calls with women from all over the world. Some of us came to “know” each other – but none of them “knew me” face to face, so in some ways I remained safe and “invisible”.  It was a good alias, to be able to share in this way – as if being transported to a different world, or in a holding tank with other women of like mind. The permission to shine was given, stated, part of the agreements we shared. We shared a great many things – about why we were there, what drove us, what we hoped to become,  what we stood for, and were committed to bringing about in the world. And we worked hard to uncover the blocks that were pushing us back, and elevated ourselves and each other to build a better life, a better world.

Evolutionary Woman is Born

When one of my on-line courses ended, I felt lost again, and yet totally stimulated to try something new. Ideas began to pour through. I would write notes to myself in the middle of the night about an idea called “Evolutionary Woman”.  I had never taught this before, but I was trained in acting and I had learned and explored many avenues of self-discovery. If I looked at it closely, I had a wealth of experience and information. But that wasn’t it.  I had something else to offer, explore:  The unknown avenues of women’s hearts and souls. That, I couldn’t prepare for.

I designed many weeks of material.  But I also had to let go and trust.  I would lead, but I would also respect. There were times when I could not step in and do what I felt was “right”. It wasn’t all up to me. That is what Evolutionary Woman is all about.  Collective growth in a cocoon of “awakening”. It is a humbling experience, and challenging.  It is not a socializing thing, though there are certainly elements of that!  It is not a single-purposed group with a set mission.  Each person brings their unique desires and abilities to the mix.  But we do share a common purpose. To help each other grow.

We are here to respect and love one another.
We are here to be champions for one another.
We are here to hold each other accountable to the best that each of us can be
We hold a vision of what’s true and what’s possible
We won’t give up until we become the butterfly

“If the purpose of the Evolutionary Women’s Circle could be distilled into one sentence, would it look like this: To awaken and realize our influence and potential both as individuals and groups, to then become the fully alive, effective and deliberate creators that we can be.”

  Marion Morrish, Participant

How Evolutionary Woman is Evolving

I have changed the content of Evolutionary Woman substantially since the beginning. I find that it is drilling down to the basics, becoming more crystalline. For me, it is still a Spiritual path, not a self-help philosophy.  I do add into the mix things that are familiar and comforting, and some fun too. We even did hula hoops one night – thanks to K!  But when we settle down into the circle, miraculous things happen.  The energy shifts.  Commitments are made and kept, women’s hearts and spirits are honoured.

“I see you”

We “see” each other in the mirror of our own desiring, our own compassion, our own resolve, our greater Collective Will. For transformation. For truth. For passion. For possibility. For Reality.

And when someone else can see us in the way we want to be seen and heard, we blossom, we fly.  We begin anew. Anything is possible.

But no one can do it alone. And so, we join. We remind. We practice. We share. We “act”. We play. We dance. We transform.

We say “Amen”!

What’s Next?

The next Evolutionary Women’s Workshop is being held at In the Spirit Yoga Studio and Wine Lounge in the village of Highland Creek, Scarborough. Oct 14 – Dec 9/12 every other Sunday from 4-6pm. 

To register call (647) 352-4879 or e-mail

 The Miracle Is You