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The Thrill of Change

One of the greatest mysteries of life is how much control we really have over our lives. Is there a God? Are we at the hands of fate? Or are we ultimate Creators? Or all of the above?!

When we find ourselves in the throes of change, even change we instigated, it can be a shock to realize how much power we have, while at the same time having to admit that we know very little about what may play out.

I believe we come in to this world with preferences, a kind of rough draft outline devised by the Divine (which includes Us, by the way!)

travel planImagine you are about to go on a very long trip. You have a general idea of the destination, you’ve heard it’s pretty, usually has nice weather and there are many opportunities to play and relax and meet interesting people.  So you book your ticket.  You may look at brochures of what other people have experienced in this new environment, and you may stare out the window of the plane imagining what you may do once there.

But do you really know what will happen once you arrive?  Of course not!  That’s like saying, you will know that a man named Greg will pop up to you at the airline counter and offer you a first class seat. Or the person in the cab on the way to the hotel will redirect you to a different hotel that is much better. Or that you will meet a tall handsome stranger at dinner on the first night and end up getting married the following week.  Who knows?! Anything is possible once you arrive.  But you start with preferences…

Once you are in the flow of life, every moment is a dance of cause and effect. What mood are you in? What do you expect? Are you happy or sad? Are you in grief or ecstatic at the game that is playing out? Do you want to stop and play again?  These are all chances to experience life from different vantage points. So much can happen on the way from A to B, that you may very well find yourself at Z and have to start all over again!

What I love to do is begin with a general idea of what I would like to create, and write it down. Sometimes I doodle or cut out images, but most times my imagination is more than enough.  As a hypnotist, I have no trouble visualizing and creating inner worlds!  What is truly amazing is when they come to pass and appear in my outer reality, quite unexpectedly.

Because of change, things I never thought I would do, I have already done (like acting, having a baby – or two, travelling around the world, creating a business). And things I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle, I did (like divorce, death of a loved one, moving, starting a new career) and more!

Some of my greatest miracles came out of the darkest storms and greatest times of change…

I am grateful for all the change that has led me here now!

Change occurs when our unconscious or conscious desires come true! They can be quite positive or negative depending on our inner world, the expectations and influence of those around us, which is what we allow ourselves to be exposed to.

You can change anything if you really want to – except your essential self, and other people! It’s not about eradicating what is… it’s about accentuating what is or creating what could be! And if you don’t like change, you can change that too. Just stay stuck awhile and see where life takes you!

women change

No matter what we do, we will inevitably change, and change is good for us, as it is the zest of life, what great writers write about, what lovers moon about, and what dogs howl about. It moves us in the right direction, even when everything appears to be going wrong. Great change can come even from tragedy. Progress comes from its opposite. So, change always moves in a positive direction over time. It’s all a collective choice!

Is there any point to all this change?

Well, like travel or anything else, we learn by doing something new. We learn what we can and cannot do. We learn what we like and what we cannot tolerate. We learn what could go wrong and how to adjust the plan. There is no one way to do it, and there is no real wrong turn, for there is always a change that will open us yet again to something we hadn’t thought of before!

It is all up to you! And you, and You!  

Each of us creates change, and our world too. Our world is just a giant mirror of our collective wishes, beliefs and dreams. We can embrace and create change, or try to stay the same…  Something mysterious will always turn us one way or the other, to create something more positive, even if life has to shake us a little more.  We are being moulded by an internal Force, and what seem to be external circumstances that we helped create!

We are like the clay and the potter (Isaiah 64:8), the wrecking ball and the glue that brings it all together.  God is in us, and we are in God too! There is nothing we can’t do!

(Except know all of this in advance. Except always know what to do. Because we are human, we forget that we are powerful creators. And we forget God, too.)

Sometimes, you just have to wait for it. Change will catch up to you!

Sooner or later you will discover, The Miracle is You!


I would love to hear what you have to say. Write to Krista.



Life Became an Editing Room – Part III

Have you ever felt that you had awakened into another way of being? Something so earth-changing that you were never the same again, and had to start your life anew?   Continued from Meeting Your Soul Companions – Part II  of my Spiritual Soul Journey series. 


Part III – Life Became an Editing Room

 After I returned from New York in 2009, life seemed to return to “normal” for a while, hectic and crazy at times, then lonely and confusing.  I missed my new friend and needed to learn there would be more soul companions along the way.  We were still connected even if not on the physical plane.  I was not alone here, and this was just the beginning.

There was no question, God showed up on that beach to give us new direction and transform us to a higher level.  I could feel the vibration coming off my body and became more sensitive to loud noises or emotional disruptions of any kind.  I wanted to spend more time in nature, and stay connected and in harmony with this new source of Spirit and well-being. I had a deep sense of calm, even through the many storms ahead.  It was as if something else was navigating and I just wanted to follow it and surrender my life completely…     

I could not shake the feeling that something big had just happened to me, something irreversible.  Like God had opened my eyes and I could finally see;  like I was carrying supernatural forces of Love within me.  I felt awakened, alive and renewed, with a total change of heart and mind. I no longer cared about the same things that used to bother me – like pleasing other people, winning auditions, or making lots of money.  My old ambitions seemed to have left me for a while.  I was suddenly enraptured with a deeper sense of love and understanding, courage and purpose, and connection to those committed to spiritual growth and the bigger picture of humanity. 


In the meantime, I had to carry on with life as a wife and mother, even though I felt like a different person…  This did not make it easy on my family or friends who were used to me operating in ways I always had.  Though they were supportive in all the usual ways, I couldn’t explain the deeper longing I had for Spiritual connection and purpose.  It was like I was speaking a different language and could not translate what my heart most wanted.  Yet, I was suddenly willing to fight for things I believed in, and risk disapproval, even from those closest to me who couldn’t understand at the time.  It was disconcerting to say the least, but very empowering.

Over the next year my life became an editing room. I was being edited down to my finest, most crystalline form. Everything else was tertiary.  I began to distance myself from my old world of acting, and lost interest in following up on “leads”, which felt thin and meaningless to me. I began to change what I was “putting out there” on my website, expressing myself more creatively with my own independent words and ideas, rather than waiting for or depending on the needs and intentions of others.  I no longer wanted to be directed by outside influences, but instead by that Internal Force, or Voice for God.   

song of beloved cover.

Those inner urgings and promptings led me to begin channeling new writings, poetry (Song of the Beloved: A Mystical Journey), and creative ideas that seemed to drop from heaven above – ideas to teach spiritual workshops which kept me up at night planning!


But my old thoughts kept interfering as I struggled with a new way of being…

How was I going to function in the old world I lived in, while all this was going on inside of me?  

What would happen to my old life if I began to move in this new direction?  

Where was God really leading me, and could I trust Him?…   

I experienced waves of fear and doubt as I began to face greater uncertainty about the future.  I was afraid my old world would come crashing down around me as this new butterfly within wanted to fly off in a million directions…  


It would take another miracle to focus my attention on a task, set my feet firmly on my path and give me faith in my new direction….


To be continued…

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The Miracle of Big Shifts with Adela Rubio

This morning I had the privilege of interviewing one of my mentors, Adela Rubio, an evolutionary change agent, and creator of  online “Conscious Energy Shifts” (where I met her), “Enlightened Listbuilding”, and her more recent “Big Shifts” 21-day adventure, “navigating massive change with power and grace”. 

Adela is still navigating the waves of transformation in her world after Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey last year, and an electrical fire completely took out her home last February, leaving no area of her life or family untouched.


I always love talking to Adela because everything ends up in fits and giggles, even the most serious and poignant lessons.  She has learned to not only navigate change, but Invoke evolutionary shifts in consciousness with a sense of joy and gratitude (a gift likely from birth that she had to relearn, practice and now teach in adulthood).

An innate “Feeler-Senser-Knower”, Adela moooves consciousness, with words, partnerships, community and her business, taking those with her for the biggest, brightest evolutionary LEAP! of their lives (And there ain’t no turnin’ back from that!)

Unlike most people, who see devastation when reacting to a tragedy or loss, Adela oozes with potential – and only momentary glimmers of the painful self-doubt, grief and shame that accompany most big shifts.  Though she has her share of painful moments and still mourns the loss of her home and some of the relationships that were centered around it, she embraces the new with divine relish and determination.


LISTEN TO INTERVIEW: Krista Moore with Adela Rubio “Big Shifts”

Lightning by Matt McGee

Lightning by Matt McGee


Like a hyper-alert animal in the wild, Adela senses and feels change coming long before others may notice anything.  Many “inner shifts” and knowings occurred long before the big outer shift shook her world.  At least a year before, she longed to move out of the house she was living in.  She invoked it.  She wanted to be closer to the trees, with a space of her own.  But based on old agreements and loyalties to family (likely from childhood) that turned into unwritten roles and responsibilities, she became the caretaker or “helper” of the family, looking after aging parents and balancing the needs of everyone. Her own knowing of what works best for her took a back seat. But not for long…

After the electrical fire, she explains how everything became clearer.  In the midst of chaos, she could feel the “divine download” of “what’s true” and what no longer served her or anyone.  Lives became instantly re-arranged without any effort or strain on her part.  Yes, things have to be moved, and practical details tended to, but the inner shift, the true connection to what is, and what was really going on under the surface, was ever present and  pulsating within her.  She just “got it”. 

Out of the fire came many gifts:  Her family moved out, and within a few months, she was living again with her grown daughter, whom she adores, and enjoying her grandchildren.  Some relationships were let go of (for now), while others unexpectedly bloomed or became supportive and helpful (including an ex!).  Offers poured in for every kind of help or necessity. Business partners gifted her without wanting anything in return (In fact, she had to learn how to receive all this outpouring of love and support coming her way!) 

When asked how she is doing by well-wishers, she responds with enthusiasm, “I’m doing fabulous.  I’m feeling glorious about this!”  Because she knows something didn’t just happen to her, she is a co-creator, an adventurer, and life is her playground.

Adela is a master at moving from pain to possibility.  And she insists on doing it with happiness and a spirit of play, for that is what attracts and opens us up to the good (which is everywhere-always-present!).  Not all days are easy, however, and she doesn’t have all the answers to what the future will bring, but with her unflappable will, positive attitude and light-filled energy, I am sure the miracles will continue to burst out like bubbles all around her.  (And there are plenty of people who want to join her on in that playground 😉



At the heart of her message, she teaches we have the power, to illicit change, and gracefully navigate change in our world.  We are always at choice.  That is our power point of possibility. 

You are It! 

Whatever happens to us, whether it be death, divorce, failure or personal tragedy, or even a natural disaster, we are not victims.  It is not ‘personal’. When we make it all about “us”, we are bound to suffer.  But when we can translate that pain and suffering into something marvelous, something unexpected, unknown and new, we can use our lives to help empower others, and truly be the magnificent co-creators we were born to be.  Then the earth and the world moves with us. Then the miracles ‘show up’ not only in our lives, but in others, too. 

Then we can really say, The Miracle is You!


Thank you Adela, for sharing your Big Shift with us. And for being a powerful part of mine. 




P.S. Are you going through a Big Shift?  Let us help you navigate it with ease and grace.  Adela can be reached at adelarubio.com, and I can be reached at Get In Touch.









This Bird wants to Soar!

I am living a blessed life.  I have everything I need. I have children who bless me every day and keep me focused on love.  I have a partner who loves and challenges me to be better.  I have a beautiful sanctuary space in my home just for me, which I share from time to time with those who love to partner with me.  I have a backyard that some believe is the garden of eden, with a pool.  My parents are still alive and are a huge part of my life.  I have good friends who truly love me and help me be strong. 

But sometimes I need a little push to keep me moving on…


There’s a bird down the street, an African Grey, like my brother’s in the British Virgin Islands, who sings all day in his cage.  He is a beautiful bird, and his cage is dressed beautifully with dangling bright coloured toys, and food.  He looks happy enough.  He can sing.  And he has a companion, another species which is white, and has a cage of his own “down the street” (which means on the same porch but hanging from a different post – that’s bird language for subdivision).

I feel sorry for him, this African bird, and at the same time, witness how much he loves to perch, and sing, to me and others passing down the street.  He has a good life, with owners who love him, hanging in front of a truly beautiful house with manicured gardens and a comfy shady tree to keep him cool, and a gentle breeze.  He has full view of the street with cars and passersby, dogs and kids, everything.  He sees everything.

 But like me, he is not always a participant – is he?  Can he fly from tree to tree and gawk and cry from above?  Can he leap forward or backward without banging into anything?  Can he skydive in his cage without falling on his head?

The truth is, I have no cage, only what I choose.  This bird has no choice as I see it.  I do.  I have a beautiful cage, hand-made, and perfectly chosen for me. I have a beautiful family.  But what does this bird, me, want to do?  Soar to great heights, crash and burn, follow the path leading to a future home?



It doesn’t take much to make me sing.  I could write my song in a prison cell or on a paradise island.  Any bird can sing from their cage, as in “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,”  by Maya Angelou.

But can he soar?…

When I leap out of my cage, out of the wilderness of other people’s stuff, venturing off into giant aquariums and wonderlands of things, I begin to soar….

What does it take to move me, truly?  To make me soar? 

It takes courage. 

It takes heat and pressure. 

It takes a chance encounter. 

It takes an unexpected dance.

dancing with an orb?

My wild bird song can play if I want it to, but sometimes it needs encouragement.  That means the courage that comes from being with others who are guiding me, nudging me forward, giving me a little kick if necessary (like my horse Bella ;)), or my brother Rick Moore taking “Lucky” out for a night on the town :).

Brother Rick with Lucky in BVI

Brother Rick with “Lucky” in BVI

A champion or master?  A guide or friend?  It doesn’t seem to matter. All of us play our parts.  Sometimes we are filled with the ability to soar and fly. Other times, we need someone to gently open our cage and nudge us forward, or show us a better way. 

And if that doesn’t work, God will find a way to get us off the ground, even if he has to rattle our cage, remove us from our cage entirely, or bring strange and unexpected events.  Force us to fly, to save ourselves or someone else. Whatever it takes.  Whether gentle or more forceful, we find our way out.  Whether temporary or more permanent, we find new wings.


Yup, that's me, soaring in Bahamas

Yup, that’s me, soaring in Bahamas

All I know is, this bird wants to soar!


This post is for Miracles of Courage. What does it take for you to have the courage to move on? To sing your song? 

Share with us on the blog comments below, or write to me.  🙂



Rick Moore: Sure, but have a look at this latest series of 1-minute videos I’ve started, many of them feature ‘Lucky’… you’ll see her only cage is the world around her, Lol



Miracle 18: “What Faith Means to Me”

This is in answer to Miracle 17: “A Miracle Requires Work” (contributed by my friend, Dom Castanza). Thank you, Dom. And here is what I could not articulate last night. Miracle 18 of “30 Days of Miracles 2012”.


I have not been unscarred by life, by disappointment. I am not a perfect human being. There have been many cases when what I hoped for, what I thought was going to happen, never did. I have also received tremendous gifts in answer to my prayers. Unexpected blossomings, savings and messages.

When I was 25 years old, I planted seeds in a garden. These were not normal seeds. They were seeds from a cantaloupe I was eating in my kitchen, in a small town, overlooking a sod farm.  It was a lovely place, and had its charm, but something about it wasn’t for me. I felt a dry kind of existence there, a lack of antiquity, art, interest, pizzazz, LIFE.


I worked 9 to 5 (or 10 to 6) and travelled an hour and a half to work each way.  I went to school at night, driving up one of those small country highway roads surrounded by corn fields.  It was dark and my headlights were of no help. On the radio I would listen to those late night radio programs to help me stay awake. Once I fell asleep at the wheel, I was so tired from my travels. I suddenly felt a hard whack on my forehead which woke me up. I was in the car alone. I had no idea what it was, but I said, Thank You.

I graduated and had a baby, one of my dreams come true. But postpartum depression hit me, and my life slowly fell apart.  I lay awake at night feeling that I would die.

Now, while I was going through this, I was reading. I was praying. I was down on my knees. I was imagining, maybe not “intentionally”, but in my desperate hour, of a greater life. I had no idea how that would come to pass. I felt hopeless and lost. Nor was I willing at the time to change anything – I was married and that was that. I appreciated what I had. But I felt stuck, terrified.

It wasn’t until I planted those seeds unwittingly and said a strange, meditative prayer over my own “inner field” that something shifted for me. I prayed for the kind of relationship I wanted, the kind of environment for my children, the kind of creative life I wanted to explore, the feeling of freedom and honesty and love, things I was willing to fight for.

A few months later, I got some help. First, medical. Then, emotional. Always, spiritual. Six months later, I met a man who would change things forever. I moved out and got a place of my own. I joined the theatre and had fun. My world was never the same.

Those seeds were planted when I felt lost at sea, with no land in sight. I had no idea how I would manifest those things, I only felt them in my heart and saw them in my mind.

I believe faith brought them to me. Yes, I worked for it, I moved, I took a stand. But what moved me? What brought those people into my life?  I believe Christ – the Light in all of us – knows the way.

The Holy Spirit dwells in your heart and responds to your every request. You have to be willing to go there. It wasn’t until I fell apart that I opened my arms up wide. Surrendered my old ways. Prayed. Freed myself from the confines of the small table I had set for myself, and instead sat down with those sent for me at God’s Great Buffet.

My life is different today. I have everything in truth I wished for. And I still dream of more. I’m not always satisfied. I sometimes fall down or feel a sense of sacrifice. There are still bigger dreams to live. But my family is safe. Sacred. Perfect for me. And I have the freedom to go beyond what I know today.

In time I will open my arms even wider, perhaps my largest wings yet. Today I pray for this. Let’s see what faith can do.   Let’s see what my open heart and mind can let in.

Faith is the elixir that allows Love’s Light to shine. It is true. It is not belief. It is knowledge unseen. Purpose grown wide and strong. Deliverance.

Faith is not wishful thinking.  It is the miraculous reinvention of your life. It is the perfect answer to the quiet question of your heart, or to your deepest darkest hour. But you have to let it in. You have to expect that your answer will come, and move with faith in its sure direction.

 Life is full of surprises. And in my darkest hour, the light has always shone the brightest.

A man can move a boulder up a hill


Faith moves mountains.

What does faith mean to you? What does a miracle take to make it to you or through you? If you could change one thing, and have one ounce of faith that it was a possibility, what would it be?

Miracle 7: “A Feast Within”

Miracle 7 of Krista’s “30 Days of Miracles 2012” Series.

Today I am sitting on a piece of black garden fabric, rolled out, in the farthest part of my yard. As some of you may know, my yard has been transformed recently with an in-ground pool. The rest of my yard is a bit of a “wasteland” as my son pointed out, once a clover grass and wildflower garden, the grass and garden were composted back into the soil, and more dirt was laid on top. I am sitting upon the last strips of clover looking out toward the house and pool.


This morning I felt parched, like the plants and flowers I plucked out of that garden and transplanted into pots. They lay their heads wistfully on the hard stucco of our house, waiting for a new home. And I am feeling the cool earth again over here, and am getting bitten by mosquitos.  It is kind of like camping in my own yard.

My friend yesterday reminded me of something important.  He knew my garden had been “let go of”, and now I was awaiting the new. A new vision of what could be.  I felt incapable of coming up with anything, and felt overwhelmed by the magnitude (we have 3/4 acre lot).  I was planning to just transport those pots and put them back in the same fashion, only smaller this time. More manageable.  I had a bird feeder that would go in the middle, just like before. My old heart garden, only shrunken.  Something about this didn’t sit well – but I didn’t know it.

wildflower garden

Miraculously, he said, “That’s not you. You need softness. I see wild grasses, maybe a rock in the middle for meditation, more like a meadow. No hard plants. Just waving grasses, butterflies. You need softness.”


He got it.

My “hard-scapes” of the pool, the cement pathway, the deck, were all hard, solid, “structured”, permanent. But I yearned for swaying grass and trees, butterflies and bees. I needed LIFE to come back to me. Oh, and he heard it. I was quenched instantly by the desire to make this vision come to be. And yet, I knew, it would take time.

“This garden will be forever.  It will never end.” 

THAT was the promise I needed to hear.

Oh, Thank God, for good friends who “see” beyond our own pale ears.  Who can feel our pain and quench our thirst in one sentence. 

Thank God for trees and room to breathe. For forgiveness for what was, and what is yet to be.



I am still getting bitten by mosquitoes. But now my dog is laying next to me, rolling and playing and surveying his great new domain.  Somehow, I don’t mind the wait now. I am in great company.




Do Clothes MATTER?

women and clothes

me prepping for video

Instead of writing a blog this morning, I decided to explore a question. This began by buying some new clothes last week in preparation for doing video, and soon became fertile ground for discussion (or argument!) among women and men. I began researching and writing about what it meant to me and others, “putting it out there”, and now I’d love to hear what you think:

Do clothes matter?  What is the meaning of clothes?

YOUR TURN!  Answer in the comments field below. I would love to know your thoughts. Let’s talk about it – the better or worse of clothes.  What it means to you, others, Godsends and conflicts.  This may turn into a greater discussion (it has!), or a live telecall (it will!).  HANG ONTO YOUR HATS – MORE COMING SOON!

In the meantime, some food for thought:

Clothes can become a more accurate reflection of what a woman does and who she is becoming in the world, including a variety of tastes, feelings and possibilities.  To a woman in full bloom, it cannot be denied how beautiful her shining petals and frame can be. The power of her expression and fullness cannot be underestimated.  If it is, she feels a wrath and bitterness that her very soul is being denied, not just her clothes. The conversation on clothes soon blends into a spiritual discussion as if the two are very much related.


What is the meaning of clothes to you? How does personal appearance influence your life? Do clothes and personal appearance influence how you see yourself or how others perceive you in the world? Should they?  Does what we wear matter? How? Should a woman spend money on clothes to better herself in the world? When does it matter? Does it interfere with her ability to blend in, to be a part of a group? Can it alienate people?  Can a woman shine without it? When has it made a difference to you in your life or someone you love, or where in your life do you feel it could?  Where in your life does it not matter, and how does it influence your relationships with others, your partner, friends, public, strangers, etc.?  Do you feel you may have missed any opportunities based on your personal appearance? Do you feel you may have been helped by your personal appearance in attracting an opportunity, partner or  group? (eg. Dating, job interview, community group).

And the deeper questions: Do you think clothes go against the spiritual dictates to turn away from material possessions, physical appearance, or “the world”? Do you feel we’re called to sacrifice our physical selves to be spiritual?  Do you feel clothes separate us or unite us, or both?

My video blog on the subject:


YouTube video: Do Clothes Matter? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edfQCiYnS1o


Stewing Stupalicious Soup!

I am sitting tonight in a candlelit room my son left behind him as he moved downstairs. It was a coming of age moment long overdue that I resisted, but  now I wonder why I waited so long! Here I am, sitting at this room he lived in as a small boy, staring up at me from the lower bunk bed, afraid of the dark, or upset by bullies, or nervous about a new school, dreaming and talking and asking all kinds of questions.  Now he is grown, answering them for himself and feeling quite proud of his new life and new high school. And I am so proud of him.

But I am proud of me too. Because instead of being sad or feeling at a loss, I have gained too. He told me to go ahead and use his old room to create a nook for myself, put in my own desk, decorate the walls, christen it the new “creativity room”.  And so, here I sit talking to you in the new room as if no time has passed, except it is the future now and I am as open and new as he.

Aaaaah….. Love is sweet. And freedom too. Although four walls still surround me, they are different, and I am too. I love this new me, creating possibility, and enjoying the newness of all the friends I meet, all the plans we create. It is so, so sweet.