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The Thrill of Change

One of the greatest mysteries of life is how much control we really have over our lives. Is there a God? Are we at the hands of fate? Or are we ultimate Creators? Or all of the above?!

When we find ourselves in the throes of change, even change we instigated, it can be a shock to realize how much power we have, while at the same time having to admit that we know very little about what may play out.

I believe we come in to this world with preferences, a kind of rough draft outline devised by the Divine (which includes Us, by the way!)

travel planImagine you are about to go on a very long trip. You have a general idea of the destination, you’ve heard it’s pretty, usually has nice weather and there are many opportunities to play and relax and meet interesting people.  So you book your ticket.  You may look at brochures of what other people have experienced in this new environment, and you may stare out the window of the plane imagining what you may do once there.

But do you really know what will happen once you arrive?  Of course not!  That’s like saying, you will know that a man named Greg will pop up to you at the airline counter and offer you a first class seat. Or the person in the cab on the way to the hotel will redirect you to a different hotel that is much better. Or that you will meet a tall handsome stranger at dinner on the first night and end up getting married the following week.  Who knows?! Anything is possible once you arrive.  But you start with preferences…

Once you are in the flow of life, every moment is a dance of cause and effect. What mood are you in? What do you expect? Are you happy or sad? Are you in grief or ecstatic at the game that is playing out? Do you want to stop and play again?  These are all chances to experience life from different vantage points. So much can happen on the way from A to B, that you may very well find yourself at Z and have to start all over again!

What I love to do is begin with a general idea of what I would like to create, and write it down. Sometimes I doodle or cut out images, but most times my imagination is more than enough.  As a hypnotist, I have no trouble visualizing and creating inner worlds!  What is truly amazing is when they come to pass and appear in my outer reality, quite unexpectedly.

Because of change, things I never thought I would do, I have already done (like acting, having a baby – or two, travelling around the world, creating a business). And things I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle, I did (like divorce, death of a loved one, moving, starting a new career) and more!

Some of my greatest miracles came out of the darkest storms and greatest times of change…

I am grateful for all the change that has led me here now!

Change occurs when our unconscious or conscious desires come true! They can be quite positive or negative depending on our inner world, the expectations and influence of those around us, which is what we allow ourselves to be exposed to.

You can change anything if you really want to – except your essential self, and other people! It’s not about eradicating what is… it’s about accentuating what is or creating what could be! And if you don’t like change, you can change that too. Just stay stuck awhile and see where life takes you!

women change

No matter what we do, we will inevitably change, and change is good for us, as it is the zest of life, what great writers write about, what lovers moon about, and what dogs howl about. It moves us in the right direction, even when everything appears to be going wrong. Great change can come even from tragedy. Progress comes from its opposite. So, change always moves in a positive direction over time. It’s all a collective choice!

Is there any point to all this change?

Well, like travel or anything else, we learn by doing something new. We learn what we can and cannot do. We learn what we like and what we cannot tolerate. We learn what could go wrong and how to adjust the plan. There is no one way to do it, and there is no real wrong turn, for there is always a change that will open us yet again to something we hadn’t thought of before!

It is all up to you! And you, and You!  

Each of us creates change, and our world too. Our world is just a giant mirror of our collective wishes, beliefs and dreams. We can embrace and create change, or try to stay the same…  Something mysterious will always turn us one way or the other, to create something more positive, even if life has to shake us a little more.  We are being moulded by an internal Force, and what seem to be external circumstances that we helped create!

We are like the clay and the potter (Isaiah 64:8), the wrecking ball and the glue that brings it all together.  God is in us, and we are in God too! There is nothing we can’t do!

(Except know all of this in advance. Except always know what to do. Because we are human, we forget that we are powerful creators. And we forget God, too.)

Sometimes, you just have to wait for it. Change will catch up to you!

Sooner or later you will discover, The Miracle is You!


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Spiritual Perfectionism

Do you ever get so caught up trying to be perfect, to do everything right, walking a fine line that you forget to just be yourself?  I decided I needed to write this one just for me (Of course I hope you benefit too, as the more personal ones tend to!)

As much as I want to teach right now, let me just express (that is me talking to myself again). You see, we do have more than one side, and that is precisely what we’re on about here.

So, how do I live in my spirit and still live as a human being? Good question! I don’t. I mean, not always. It seems that sometimes, I am half the time here, and half the time somewhere else.  But in those rare times when I am consciously both here AND aware of my spiritual centre, I am at my best.

But that is not this post.  This post is about when I’m not. This post is about when I’m lost. This post is about when I’m confused, cranky, miserable, haven’t had enough rest, or just want to rebel and have a beer (or two). I am not perfect, and sometimes that is the greatest spiritual lesson of all.

AND, sometimes, sometimes, it is even necessary. Meaning that having FUN, and forgetting about my spiritual self, even for a moment, and delving into the purely human (evil? see that’s my Puritan speaking again!) self, connected to family, friends, and the everyday is just as  powerful, informing, healing and extraordinary as meditating, channellingor healing others (like at the Hive Open to Spirit series last week).

Krista having fun at The Hive

Krista having fun at the Hive 

You know, sometimes I need a little TLC too. I need a little break from the SUPERconscious mind to just be good ole’ fashioned conscious and ALIVE!

WOW. I’m so rebellious sometimes. And that makes me laugh too, because I really don’t do that much wrong?… 

EXCEPT – when I yell, get angry, threaten with a woman’s hormonal irrationalism, cry or just fall down and weep. That can be quite a serious thing. And when I do that, I tend to beat myself up that I’m not that spiritual after all. How could I fail? How could I be all that AND all those other wonderful things?

LIKE – heavenly, beautiful, funny, dynamic, silly, inspiring, singing, wonderful, remarkable, happy, transcendent and dreamy?

WELL…  Because I CAN be.  I was created to be in a body, that is real on the physical plane, attached to an emotional body that is somewhere within that responding to everything, connected to a mental body that thinks ALL THE TIME, and finally, a spiritual body that both CREATES, AND TRANSCENDS everything. You see? It really can be quite complicated.

SO… the next time you decide to judge yourself, look at me! I’m not perfect, and…




(That made me feel better, anyway. And hopefully, you too!)





P.S. Do you have a comment about your own spiritual “imperfections” – please comment below or send to me privately.  Thank you!

The “IT” and “Aaahhh” of Everything

Einstein had IT.  Jobs had IT.  Bell (Alexander Graham) had IT.  Newton, Whitman, Michaelango had IT. 

We all have IT, to some degree.  But what is “IT”?  Is IT as elusive as our own shadow?

The mind is a fidgety thing. It likes to bounce around a lot. Even good ideas can make us crazy at times. Take Steve Jobs.  Or any genius who ever lived. 

It takes time to make things right. And they spent plenty of time perfecting the imperfectable. Everything had its flaw, its unanswered question, its undesirable. Its unavoidable pitfall. 

A very good friend of mine laughed at me today.  I told him about a little habit I have, a hobby (an obsession more like). Studying the past, connecting the dots of history, my family’s and the people who inhabited “IT”, whatever “IT” is. 

He laughed because he instantly got “IT”, even though “IT” could not be got.  That was his point. 

He said:

“If you studied something yesterday, then today you will know it.

But if you didn’t study it yesterday, you will not know it today. 

Nothing from the past can be known by going back. Then it becomes illusion.

You have to study something today, if you want to know it tomorrow.”


Get IT??


Somehow, I did.  As elusive as IT sounded. 


IMG_4345He put it another way, even better:  

When he was a kid in Africa, they did not have watches. They had to watch the sun’s passage and how it dropped down over their feet in the form of a shadow. They would know when it was high noon because the sun landed directly over their feet, allowing them to “step on” their own shadow. 

Now imagine this kid, or group of children, hopping around trying to capture the high noon of their shadow.  It could not be got.  Like illusion.  Each time they would try to hop on it, the shadow got away from them.

Same with ideas. 

Same with the past. 

Same with anything elusive and just beyond our grasp.


So what should we do with IT?  Pursue, advance or retreat (into the shadows? :).  This shadow, this elusive grasp we have on everything already past?


“Accept IT, embrace IT, and know that IT is just that.   

Stop, rest, and pause a bit. Appreciate THAT.”


Our shadows over hand prints of the past - Chinese Theatre, Hollywood

Our shadows pass over hand prints of the past on a very hot day at the Chinese Theatre, Hollywood

Laugh at your own shadow. At your determination to chase your own tail.  Have you caught it yet?  You can’t, can you?  Because it is YOU you are chasing and hope to avail. Nothing outside of you really is at all. Just a giant mastermind of what you already are.

So, don’t chase your shadow, but observe where it lives. Just beyond your grasp, and yet.  If you look up, you’ll see the Cause of all this fuss.  The Sun, like the Source of all that lives, an enormous giant ball of energy passing over the sky, just passing over Mercury, over your face, over everything that lives. 

And you didn’t even have to open your eyes.




Amen to THAT!




Nice mind-bender, folks. I thought you might enjoy IT! : )


krista headshot outside

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Miracle 25: “SHINE ON!”

For many years, and just a few moments ago, I realized I have been living with a myth that only certain things or people are “spiritual”.   There were those “on the path” and those who weren’t.  Activities that were “good” and those that were “bad”.  I even put down some of the things that gave me the most joy, like shining my light while acting, or singing, as ways to “get attention”.  That may be true, so what of it?


 Is it good or bad to shine a light on someone, give them a little attention, a little praise?  Is it wrong to go out with your friends and dance your socks off (or sandals, or heels?)




What is “Spiritual” and what is a “Miracle”?  Such heavy-weighted words, impossible to meet sometimes.  What if I said, as someone has said to me, that all things are spiritual – because the Spirit of Life/Source is in everyone and everything.  How could it not be?  Do you think the Spirit or Source that breathes in all of Life, that fuels the stars with their brilliance, whether gaseous energy or vast intelligences unseen, has chosen some things to activate and not others?

This is a real revelation for me, so pardon me while I explore it. I really want to “get” this because it’s implications could be mind-blowing!

What about having “FUN”??…  A word I often cringe at, yes, me.  I often look down on pleasure-seeking, even though I am the first one to shriek with glee as I come flying down a water-slide, or hang in the air with a friend on a para-sail (thanks, Lori T :).  Some of my most joyous moments are doing silly, crazy things that have nothing to do with being “Spiritual” or God-seeking. And yet, yet, what if those things were Divine/Spiritual/Good, too?

What if I truly haven’t gotten the truth of this message in all this time? Geez… could I be that thick?


I admit sometimes I feel I’m channeling the spark of the Divine/Source/Light, and it feels truly sublime. But I also have to admit that sometimes I am channeling the divine, or some other kind of light-filled exuberant intelligence when I am dancing wildly and freely with friends, feeling the music, moving my body, sensuality becoming a true part of me and how I express myself.  I have often been told I am one of the most sensual people on the planet.  Why deny it?  🙂


Denial is a trap.  I can deny the ego which seeks to destroy me with its negativity and worry, and cause separation and attack (I’ll get into that another time, doesn’t sound like much fun right now, does it? 🙂

But seriously.  When is having fun hurting anyone?  Except myself when I don’t allow it. Or judge it as foolish. Or hide myself away not allowing myself the ability to shine MY WAY, which includes:  sensuality, dancing, excitement, acting, singing, speaking, performing, being with others.  Endless ways to SHINE.

And what is all this SHINING for?  Well, in the moments when I shine,  a lightened door opens.  And I do not hesitate.  There is no thinking or evaluation going on. I am free. I have no judgement, no fear, no self-doubt, no comparisons to make. I am just LIVING on the ground floor and flying up the escalator, maybe through the ceiling, maybe mile-high, maybe!

Why do it?











Who knows what is spiritual and why. I know I am. And so are you, no matter who you are or what you think is right. We will all end up in the same place, and I dare say, we are all in the same place now, sharing this planet and this inner landscape.  If we weren’t, you wouldn’t be hearing it, and I wouldn’t be speaking it, and there would be no communication or agreement.  So, here we are.


Shining my light


What makes you shine?

What makes you shine/smile/feel elated? What brings out your best and worst (ie., read my judgement of “bad/wrong/naughty”) sides?  What makes you howl like the wind, or fly like an eagle?  What makes you mad as hell and happy as heaven?  (I am also told I am the sexiest when I am flaming mad about to pour out my wrath ;).



Why not let yourself SHINE for awhile? 

For all the world to see, your great escape, your magical twist on things, your multi-plex inner landscape. Your uniqueness. Whatever radiates from you is true, real and called for. It doesn’t matter what calls it forth, so long as it does.


Please. Don’t deny it as I have done in the past.  I am asking myself, and you, to try on a new skirt, hat, sunglasses, expression. Or wild wings no one else can see.  Or a Mona Lisa smile.  Whatever that lighted gaze brings on.  BRING IT ON!


Your spirit sings. You are marvellous, like a lightning rod.  SHINE ON!  SING!  DANCE!  PLAY!  Say YES, for Goodness sake, and if you think you might be wrong/bad, give yourself a little room to BREATHE.


Doesn’t it feel good to be you?  To be given permission to let it all hang loose?

God knows, I need it.  I’ve gotten too good for my own good!

SUPER, SEXY and can SAVE the planet!


So what is a miracle?

Another way of putting it:  What does it mean to SHINE ON?  It means you are HAPPY, that’s all (that’s it??). Do whatever makes you  HAPPY, as soon as possible. Because without that, no one will see your smile, and be lifted to their own greatness.

And goodness knows, we could all use a little more of that. 😉

The Magic Toast, or “F**k It”

This morning my husband put a strange book on my Kobo. F**k It.  He figured I could use it – worrying too much, again.

“Do I really worry that much?” I asked.  He looked at me. “About what?”


Wow. Have I really grown so little that I still care what other people think?  Yup. Still worryin’.

As author, John C. Parkin says, it’s time to say “F**k It” when you’re worrying about:

  •  How you look (good or bad)
  •  How successful (or not) you are
  •  the important people in your life: family, partner, friends
  •  making a difference
  •  money or lack thereof
  •  doing the right thing
  •  being reliable
  •  God/Buddha/Muhammad, etc.
  •  finding inner peace
  •  meeting deadlines
  •  not swearing in front of the children
  •  the gardening (or lack thereof)
  •  keeping up to date on the latest shows: American Idol, etc.
  •  being there for people when they need you
  •  having a nice car – or any car that gets you from A to B
  •  what other people think
  •  paying the bills
  •  doing what your boss wants
  •  doing what’s expected
  •  following the rules (who made these rules anyway??)

After reading about 3 pages of this book, which is refreshingly irreverent (I’m so serious and ‘reverential’ about everything, even the weeds), I had a mischievous look on my face. My daughter wouldn’t get up to go to school – again.

I thought of the book.

“Heather!  If you wake up right now, on your own, I will give you this magic piece of toast – with peanut butter and honey – and you will have the most fantastic, unexpected day!”

She didn’t buy it exactly, but she was amused.

Well, what would happen if you could do anything you wanted?” I said.  She perked up a bit.

“How?” she asked, dis-trustingly at first.

“Just answer the question. What if you could? What would you do?”

“I’d stay home.”

“That’s it?” I was looking for the big enchilada.

“Yup.” She rested her head on the chair as if to go to sleep again.

“Well, this is a magic piece of toast, so if you eat it, all of it, your day will be totally different than you expect. Only good things will happen.”

She took the bread and nibbled a bit. Then she asked the big question.

“Can I stay home, just until 9:30?  Pleaaaaaaaaaaase??”

Flip to half an hour later.  Heather and I are squeezed on a lounger in the backyard, the sun is coming up over her head, shining hard, and she has picked 3 dandelions, a fistful of  ‘forget-me-nots’ – which she asked “What are they called again, I can’t remember?” We had a good laugh over that.

I looked up at her soft face, the light diffused and yellow as a buttercup.  The air was singing with birds. The grass was a bit overgrown with dandelion heads waiting to come down. But that would happen later. Tomorrow.  Not Now.

 Because  NOW, my daughter and I are enjoying a Precious Moment.  I said “F**k It”. But she doesn’t have to know that.

P.S. Results of magical day?  Daughter made track and field team, found 2 four leaf clovers and 1 five-leaf clover (she said this was starting to scare her!), played a game of “guess it” with me and cooked us all supper – Yippeee!!

P.P.S. When my son came home and heard my adventure of sitting inside a real Gulf War tank (another story), he said, “Wooww, can I have some magical toast, too?” 


So can You!

Stewing Stupalicious Soup!

I am sitting tonight in a candlelit room my son left behind him as he moved downstairs. It was a coming of age moment long overdue that I resisted, but  now I wonder why I waited so long! Here I am, sitting at this room he lived in as a small boy, staring up at me from the lower bunk bed, afraid of the dark, or upset by bullies, or nervous about a new school, dreaming and talking and asking all kinds of questions.  Now he is grown, answering them for himself and feeling quite proud of his new life and new high school. And I am so proud of him.

But I am proud of me too. Because instead of being sad or feeling at a loss, I have gained too. He told me to go ahead and use his old room to create a nook for myself, put in my own desk, decorate the walls, christen it the new “creativity room”.  And so, here I sit talking to you in the new room as if no time has passed, except it is the future now and I am as open and new as he.

Aaaaah….. Love is sweet. And freedom too. Although four walls still surround me, they are different, and I am too. I love this new me, creating possibility, and enjoying the newness of all the friends I meet, all the plans we create. It is so, so sweet.


Haley Flies Through the Mountaintops

1400 miles. 6 days. Up the Pacific Coast and down the interior of Southern CA.  What does it matter where we stayed and what we did? This isn’t a travel blog. It’s a “course” in miracles.  What did I learn? Let me attempt to recreate.

Every time we got on the road I had an “anticipation”.  A deliberate expectation that formed in my mind unconsciously, but undeniably formed like  a phantom waiting for me at the next gate.  When we stopped to search, we inevitably found a new way. Our “radar” was on, our GPS loaded. We had a destination, after all. But the in between was unsettling at times.  I had to let go.

The long stretch of road, the flowering weeds, the smell of wheatgrass and mountain air. There was a wide openness out there. Something that couldn’t be seen or controlled. The road may wind one way, but our minds go another. We “think” we know where we’re going, but we never do.

Sometimes I would drowse. Sometimes I would take the wind in my hair. Sometimes I would eat and fidget in my chair, sometimes I would take the driver’s seat…


Video of my mountaintop drive coming soon…

We were coming back to the coast after a long trip up and through San Fransisco. We had barely stopped for a rest. We found this little way back unexpectedly, not the highway, but the bi-way through the mountaintops. The  most scenic route on the map.  Steve asked if I wanted to drive. I hesitated.  Something in me knew. When I took the wheel, my lazy, numb-brained “along for the ride” self suddenly shifted into full awareness, out of the dream and into the bright landscape of trees, dust, and curves. I felt every bend, my eyes fully fixed on the road. My breathing controlled and smooth, my mind entranced with what I could do, elated at my sudden rush of power, confident in my handling at the wheel, amused by my “passenger” squirming a little in his seat, amazed at my ability and nerve.  This excited me further.

I had changed from nervous passenger glowering over mountaintops, to fully-alive, fiery Mountain Woman toppling the great unknown.
Slow cars pulled over.  I was riding with the Harleys.
Adventure was in.  Fear was out.  All hats were off!
The mountain which had previously threatened me now held me perfectly.

Haley was flying through the mountaintops*.

* See Haley Sings to the Mountaintops and Special Edition: Haley’s Comet Anniversary & Me .

How did I assimilate this experience into the rest of my trip? Every moment was a new moment to let go. Let go of expectations. Of what hotel to stay in. Or what tomorrow will bring. Let go of “I want it this way” or “I can’t do that”. Let go.  Every day is a day to take the driver’s seat. That doesn’t mean you boss the world around or know exactly what to do. But somehow, in the moment, as the road presents itself, and the general destination looms over the mountaintops, you know what to do.

Just drive.

P.S. The last morning as I was lying in bed thinking about what I still wanted to do, I roused my partner and ordered him to the car. “I want to swim in the ocean.” I said powerfully. He listened. We drove in our bathing suits and parked on Venice Beach, a few miles away from our quiet sanctuary in Marina Del Rey. The water was too quiet for me today. I needed the ocean to stir my appetite.  We bounded into the waves. It was cold. I didn’t care. It was 8:30AM and the only other person was a surfer in full body suit. Our skin was naked against the salty air.  I wasn’t satisfied until I soaked my hair. Crazy gangly sea-things washed up against my leg and I shivered and jumped.  I went farther, dipped down, then up and away! riding the last wave…

How can I push the envelope this minute? What can I do differently? What will scare me a little and make me wake up? That is how to stay ALIVE.

Thank you California, and Marina Del Rey. Highway 33, 105 and Tulare. Marilyn Monroe in Santa Maria, and the elephant seals in Morro Bay. There is so much more to say. Maybe I’ll get around to it, maybe someday.

In the meantime, I’ll drive my way.


P.S. Here’s the video of my mountaintop drive, for those of you who aren’t too squeamish!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvKxA7Ifo44. Enjoy!


“Who Knows, Dos, Tres, Quatro…!”

Honest to God, folks, there is NO WAY I can keep up with this trip. I think it is like what Hemingwaysaid:   you can only write about Paris when you are in New York, and you can only write about New York when you are in Paris, or something like that.  So, while I am in California, I am too busy LIVING IT!

But I will not complain. I will endeavour to catch up with myself, which is absolutely impossible, because I am so ALIVE with it right now. (And I confess, I did have one really good cucumber and Tabasco martini served by the incredible Karen Seeley….)

our host Karen Seeley at the Santa Maria Inn

Here is an in-the-moment rendition of my roadtrip today, taken from my notebook:

Went to Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Garden, at the advice of Claudia who I will tell you about in a separate blog because she deserves it ;).  We were coming from just above San Diego travelling North, hoping to hit just above LA.  In our handy-dandy TomTom GPS, I entered our goal: Ventura, CA. Street: Anywhere….
On the way…
steve the morning of
Marine corps practices in the desert, rescue helicopter, hovering above ground the size of a tank.  Several tanks line the ground against the brown dirt, smokey air hanging over clouds.
Mexican music popping, tuba players sounding through the air…
5 N to LA N
Close eyes and feel and smell…
cool still
smokey dusty
mexican fire
& pigs
like cuba
tank trucks going by
forearms cool
hair whipping behind
my wrap against
the back of  my head
rumbling under the car wheels
“Spanish polka!” steve says
slapping his thigh
rolling by…
hazy sage green
ocean hanging
under cloud.
a hawk finding
prey & freed soar
up ahead.
“yo amigo”
San Diego goodbye, though we never met
met your blood (Claudia)
and grew warmer.
“Adios”, he said.
“Hasta luego!” I called back.
“Vaya con Dios” she said.
I will. Thank You God.
I Am.

Where to stop?

1. Ventura? Coastal. Lots of swanky shops. Gorgeous. Nah, let’s keep going.

2. Monecito? hills, hidden little spanish villas in lushly lined laneways.. Nah, we need a wireless connection. Nearest? McDonald’s.

3. Santa Barbara! Aha! a bit rougher than New Orlean’s. lush but run down, busy coastal waterfront, hidden dusty alleyways, with junkyards. No thanks. What?? No McDonald’s?? Outta here.

4. Funny little Goleta. Maybe… no…. maybe. Energy too stagnant. Not enough going on. Not even still in a good way. Just small. ON we go.

5, 6, 7?  Found McDonald’s wireless pod.. Aaaah..  Barefoot into the bathroom, run back to the car. Top down. Found a place: How about:

Santa Maria… a little place just north east of here. Close to Luis Obisbo.  Close your eyes. Throw a dart. Santa Maria Historic Inn for 89.


We are at the AMAZING Santa Maria Historic Inn at… you guessed it, Santa Maria, CA.  This is what happens when you let go of  “the plan” and just ARRIVE….


Highway road into the hills and ranches of Central Californ-I-A.  Wineries on a hilltop. Horses grazing nearby. The POP of life going on inside the car.

Life breezing by.

Here’s me in the car. Who needs sunglasses and a floppy hat in the side country.

Let the Woman Drive.

Day Who Knows….  We drive the coast. Steve takes me into the not-so-foothills of the Pacific Highway 1, rounding about and entering into tree-lined lanes that smell like Eucalyptus.  We stop at Morro Bay and take in the big rock, the clam chowder and the sea salty air. The air is damp and hovers, not hot, for most of the ride, leaving a film on your hair. Until you reach the desert stretches and true foothills of mid-CA…

We stop at Harmony for a wine tour, population 18, the red Zinfadel peppery and great; the white not so much but the label says it all.

By the time we tire, we are just below San Fran, and  make it only as far as Monterrey.  Gambling with Priceline, we find a Marriott at half price, and get upgraded with kindness to an Executive suite. Perfect.

Why plan when you can just Land?

Self-realization fellowship meditation garden (ie., zen wahoo!)

Here is the actual quote, though different than I remember:

If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.
Ernest Hemingway

I imagine it is the same with California.