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Finding Your Inner Path

It’s a beautiful new world, have you seen it yet?  Have you walked on the grass even though snow still tickles your nose?  Can you imagine the sun even when there is cloud?  Or a butterfly in winter – or a snowman in summer?  Or a castle in the sky?

The power of your mind is second to none.  The power of your heart, unstoppable. 

I awoke into a new world, even though I slept in the same bed.  My mind asked for something, and the heart shifted – a shift in consciousness, a lightness of being, a transformational path only the heart can take.  

What needed to happen in order to meet it where it was, to transform?  

Like the caterpillar that had been asleep in the cocoon, I awoke and shifted and realized I could bloom – right here in the Great White North – even after an eternal winter and an ice storm to boot.  

Like the first butterfly which fluttered by me a few weeks ago, it is never too soon to spread my wings.  purple-butterfly

As I stood on the path, the snow literally melting from under me, I must have felt like Oloff, the tiny snowman in Frozen, whose love is capable of witnessing such astounding beauty in the middle of darkness and possible death. As the fire literally begins to melt him while rescuing his friend, he says: “some people are worth melting for.”

oloff and anna melting for

My journey into darkness began with an intuitive sense that I had to go within.  Like Elsa, the new and frightened Queen in Frozen who escapes to the mountain to find herself, I needed an uninterrupted line to the Divine, a time to nurture my own soul and find out what I was capable of. Something on the inside needed to find its Reason, its Code, and then find its way home.  It was a deep dive. But like Elsa and the butterfly above, something beautiful emerged…  

elsa magical

Not only did I feel more connected and honest with myself, I also felt my life could change if I really wanted it to, that anything was possible, but maybe I didn’t have to go so far to find out.  I could witness and create this joy and love all around me, if I was willing to “sacrifice” the little, protective self, which hides itself away from life.  

Things that had once plagued me, tormented me, could just as easily be let go of

My heart slowly melted, allowing me to walk in a state of profound grace…  

2014-03-14 10.21.12

Everything suddenly seemed more alive and precious, every face, whether family member or stranger, instantly appreciated and cherished – even if for a moment – like that fleeting butterfly on my path. Warmth traveled from my  heart in a miraculous moment transforming  strangers to friends. 

What once seemed impossible and erroneous is instantly transformed

into a moment of beauty and wholeness.

Need we be literal and change where we are

or are we literally transformed in a moment that takes us to the heart of the matter?

Elsa finds herself lost in her “Kingdom of Isolation”, not realizing she had unwittingly set off an eternal winter in her homeland, while she held her magical gifts hostage to fear.  

In the end, her answer is not to run away to protect herself and others. She must go back and reverse her fear with love, while reclaiming her gifts for Love’s purposes.  

It’s so simple!  And yet, everything changes after that. 

Finding Your Inner Path 

If you have traveled a path of darkness too long, here is how to find that Inner Path of Light and Love, which is born within you and waits for your return: 

1. Question the “reality” of what you are thinking. You are likely wrong about yourself.

2. Let go of needing to know the answers with your head – and put your attention on your heart.  

3.  Reach in and then reach out.  Find your inner sanctum. Find a friend or God and pour it out.

4.  Then pour yourself back out into the world, in a moment of joy, a moment of true sharing.

  All will be transformed after that.

That is why its called a miracle.

Never let go of finding your inner path.  No matter how many times you get knocked back. Your desire and heart know the way.  The winter cannot hold.  The spring always comes.  And there is an eternal spring within that darkness can never touch. Only the heart loves.

Never listen to the dreary drone of nay-sayers or those who would try to “protect” you from wanting or knowing or saying too much – being too much.  Only those who understand your power can appreciate and love you for who you really ar. Never, ever give up on that.

Never let your practical, fearful self keep you from living a miraculous life.  Only your heart can know that, have faith in that, give that. It can go through the darkness, but grows stronger, and reconnects with the world giving its inner Light.

If you are still here, you are on the right path.

And you are in very good company.  🙂

Now go on, melt the world with Love!

Amen to that!


P.S. Remember…  You are a Miracle.  The Miracle Is YOU.  Amen to that.



Engaging the Wonder of Life

How do you engage with life when encountering a physical challenge?  Do you feel it is a difficult experience to navigate, or a joyful one?

Today’s blog post was inspired by a conversation with the miraculous and visionary writer and transformer, Santari Green from the UK who is overcoming some physical challenges of his own.  Pictures by Krista Moore.

There is nothing more healing than recognizing the wonder of life, and feeling yourself as a boundless and intricate part of it. Dare I say, as all of it. As you look out from your own eyes and see a bee float by, you are becoming soft like the bee.  You forget yourself for a moment as a separate entity. In that moment there is no sickness or dis-ease.  There is only eternity.


LISTEN: >>>  Santari Green and Krista Moore on Healing & Attunement 



In this inspiring dialogue, Santari shares what it means to him to go through physical challenge.  Re-interpreting or “re-negotiating” life in ways that empower and expand your mind beyond the boundaries once perceived as a “problem”.

Santari Green


“I had to really form my own conclusions of what it was that I was experiencing.  Examining the physical for some sort of clue, some sort of link or purpose and meaning, really takes you on a journey.  It’s a journey of asking questions, it’s a journey of explorations, a journey of deciding for yourself what’s true, and how what you’re learning from the experience could become a part of the larger movement of experiences in the world which then becomes a cultural experience.”

– Santari Green


Becoming more and more curious with life, he engages with what his body is saying, what he feels, listening to what others are saying, trusting what he is getting and interpreting out of the experience with life in its fullness and wonder.  Until he no longer feels it is a challenge or a problem, but a complex yet simple experience of energy always moving and changing and growing.


IMG_1857You have the power to change the experience – line things up. 

    Decide who you are going to be now.”

                                                                                                                    – Santari Green

 In my words, his dis-ease or problem is not a “fixed” state, but a constant ever-changing and flowing collaboration, containing profound messages and insights which propel him on a journey.  His awareness grows as he learns more and more that he is an ever-expanding being, a part of the cosmos, a part of eternity.  No longer fixed to a body, but deeply engaged with it, he becomes aware of himself not just as a human being, but as an eternal one.

 As we spoke I became more and more aware of myself as a connected part of what he was saying, until our thoughts seemed to become “attuned”.  This attunement, he says, is part of the ever-expanding awareness of ourselves as part of the bigger picture.  Although we have a separate identity in thought at times, sometimes these thoughts can combine and create new forms, new energies that catapult us to the next level.  When we become attuned with life and each other, the next leap in our consciousness takes flight and we are reborn into something new.

“I grow myself.  We are growing ourselves newly.”

Pillared building in Boston

  A new foundation stone is being laid in our minds.  A new way of being that is not limited by any physical sense or mental challenge.  We can supersede all of that, not by bypassing it, but by incorporating it as part of the plan that is unfolding, that we are participating in.  We can dance with it.   And as that foundation stone of the most “delicious acceptance” of everything and everyone buoys us up, new pillars of strength and collaboration rise up, and a new way being in the world.

Santari delights in the “wonderment of life” even through his physical challenges.  And as I began to see through his expanded eyes and become immersed in the conversation, I said our  job is to never stop the conversation with life. He told me to write these in BIG CAPS:


Thank you, Santari!


 For more wondrous conversation, listen to the dialogue above. And if you would like to add something to the pot, by all means, write to me, or contact Santari, or add your comments below. 🙂

Thank you for joining the conversation!



krista headshot outside


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Sending out the Love

The power of our thoughts can shift the landscape of our minds in the blink of an eye;  but the power of our hearts is infinite. 

What we hold in our minds can create or shatter our world without even “thinking”;  but what we hold in our hearts can uphold and transform it from the bleakest dream to the most heavenly one.

If I rise and think negative thoughts about myself, my day or my community, I will have no life.  My body will not respond with vitality or interest.  But if I rise and shift my thoughts to the truth, that I am a powerful being who can think and create and I have the power of love inside of me – then there is nothing I cannot do.  This day suddenly turns from dullness to daydreams and surprises.

October 21,2007 057

My family is happier. My children laugh and bound in gleefulness. My spouse snuggles up to me in comfort and gratitude. My friends feel seen and heard.  Those hurting come to me and share their griefs and find rest and courage to rise up and do something unheard of, something never before seen. Their hearts are transformed.  Because I said “Yes” to this day, to them, to Life. 


It all begins in the power of our minds.  First we must make the shift. Away from the goo and muck of our ugly thoughts which weigh us down and keep us stuck.  We grab a book, a psalm, a prayer, something that uplifts us.  We make contact.  We feel the ease and swell of truth rise up within us.  It gives us courage to meet the truth and take the next step.

That is the miracle of transformation and the power we all hold… Do we choose to wield it with Love?

If I see a conflict in my world that day, an unhappy sight, a glum child, a depressing situation, a dog that seems to be dying, a a world in distress, a storm that may flood the city (again), I have two choices:  I can join the world in its unhappy song.

Or I can send the vibration of love through it and watch the miracles roll into my shore…

My eyes are opened. I see the truth clearly. I sing the beat of my heart clearly.  I send the vibration of love out to those in need. And I respond with that love when whatever comes comes through me. I am transformed. My world is transformed. I have done my duty and I am freed.


canada day outside house and heather bird 2009 100What can you transform this day if you only give it the energy of your thought, your time, your love? 

What can be completely miraculously shifted into joy and happiness because you showed up?

Every moment a joyful surprise waiting to be opened.

A tear transformed into laughter.  A hostility halted and healed. 

An invitation waiting to be heard and sent.  A celebration mightier than any social event.

That is a dream worth having. 

A power worth all its intent.

A power we are all born with.

Wield it most powerfully.

Wield it with Love. 




P.S. What can you transform today?  What intent are you holding for someone or something?  Hold it with love. Transform it. See it turn into true treasure. Something never before seen. Turn it into Love.  And share your stories or comments below.




To Make Happy

Krista handRecently I’ve been thinking about what makes people happy, including myself of course.  It’s funny because the things I once thought essential to my well-being, like accomplishment, challenge and making a difference are only small pieces of that puzzle.

The real question is: what are our accomplishments and challenges for…?  And what kind of a difference do we make –  if not to make happy? 😎


Last week I attended a man’s funeral. I barely knew this man, but I felt compelled to go.  For some reason, I knew this man commanded my respect, and I wanted to go.  I’m not one to run away from death and I don’t fear much in a crisis, but this was not about death. This was about Life.

This man, whom I barely knew, filled the joint.  The pews were full, and I, a casual observer, sat in the overflow section just outside the side doors, along with two other women and a few gentleman who stood behind us.  We had walked from far down the street – perhaps taking for granted that there would be parking at the little church he attended.  The walk took me all the way from the bottom of the street to the top. It was a nice, sunny day, the snow was melting off the cars and the windshields were shining as we made our way up the hill.

As I entered there was a spirit of respect and joy.  I saw his picture mounted on the TV monitors – a brilliant smile in black and white, slightly blurred, but his spirit was clear – a fine intellect, keen interest in others, and a good sense of humour.  I felt I knew him, that my instincts were right.

The service took on a sad but gleeful air as family and friends shared stories about infamous suppers around the dining table, men putting up drapes badly over three beers, coaching his kids baseball teams, getting to know every one of his niece and nephews – and there were many.  Even a former baseball team member stood up – a woman – and shared a spontaneous tribute to how he saved her through hard times, and how his words carried her through life’s challenges.

Kid Playing Baseball by Chiceaux Lynch

Kid Playing Baseball by Chiceaux Lynch

The interesting part of the service was that not one person stood up and talked about his accomplishments at work. Not one person at the church said, my this man can make a mean budget and stick to it.  Not one person said, this  man built magnificent buildings, and was an outstanding engineer.  Not one.

Every tribute, every tear, and every outburst of laughter came from how this man made others feel.  How he made them happy.

I knew there was a reason I had to go. It wasn’t just to pay tribute, though that was certainly felt deeply as I tried to wipe away tear after tear on my sleeve; it was to take in the lesson this man taught, and still teaches through me and everyone sitting there that day.

Some people say, you can’t make anyone happy except yourself.

They’re wrong.

You can’t make someone happy against their will, certainly not, but anyone who is half-willing (and aren’t we all?) can be made happy by the jolly spirit of another. By the surprise gift, by the phone call.

As I put my own fears to rest, as I witness what it means to live well, I embrace the times I spend with family and friends.  How I took my daughter to the zoo yesterday and wore my bright pink rain-boots at her insistence.  And even though I didn’t get to ride on a camel and pouted like a 5-year old (mostly for her benefit, but secretly for mine as well), we laughed and splashed in puddles and ran down the hills. We nearly cried at the cuteness of penguins waiting in line like children; and we both held our noses and cried “Pee-ewww!” at the stench of the indoor pavilion as we ran through.

Yes, I behaved like a child.  Yes, I drank hot chocolate even though I was on a sugar-free diet.  But I made my daughter happy, and myself, too.

Every person you see is a mirror of you.  Are they smiling, are they laughing? Is there something you can do? Do you need to be lightened, relieved of your worldly desires and concerns? Your heartaches?  Your cares?

Make someone happy today. Make someone smile. Give someone the benefit of the doubt. Pretend like it’s the only thing that matters in the world.

Because you never know what makes someone happy, including you.

And you just might surprise yourself.

As Frankie & Doris sing:”Make someone happy,

Make just one someone happy, and

you will be happy too!” 

P.S. What makes you happy? Can you share a story of something unexpected that made someone happy?  :).

The Desire for Freedom

It occurs to me that I am a very fortunate person. Not just materially – though all my needs are taken care of and always have been – but my soul needs, or the needs of my emotional and mental self, my Spirit. This to me, is the essence of Freedom.

A few years ago, well more like fifteen, this was not necessarily so. It took great hardship emotionally and spiritually before I was able to let go of what was not in my best interest, which led me to the freedom I have now.

I remember working in an office job in my early 20s and wondering how I was going to get out of there. I had everything to look forward to but no idea how to make a living or a life outside of that office environment. In my heart and soul I was an artist, a writer, a secret truth-sayer and heart-soother. I loved to hear people’s stories and help them see themselves more truly, to help them break out of their own self-made prisons.  But here was I, in the same boat really, though I had a vision of a distant shore…

In that space of Mind-knowingness I spoke of things to come as if they were real. My journals were full of heartache and visions of surrender and life as it was supposed to be.

At the height and heart of it: Freedom.

How did I get here from there?  That makes me laugh when I think of it because it is a metaphysical impossibility! I always was here, I just had to shed a few layers of stuff before I was able to really surface and trust.

Now I feel that I am knowing this from a lifetime of experience, both of the physical/material suppression of trying to survive and “make a living” or “figure things out”, to the reality of being exactly where I am for a reason, and walking in the grace of knowing the past is nothing to the freedom of what I am Being in the present.

In other words: Here I Am.

No other words can describe it I guess, the power of when I just “Show Up”.  When I have the skill and knowing and courage to speak from this place without any care for what comes next or who is judging, or any other context.

The only sacrifice of freedom is letting go of what you don’t want

How can you get to this place of deep knowing and trust?  Try gliding into it with razer-sharp smoothness, balancing it on your tippy-toes while making something for dinner, or telling the truth to someone you love.  Try finding those who are sympathetic to your cause and can point you in the right direction – those who say, “Yes… All-right, and… I can help.”

Confess your Cause to someone, step into the unknown and give up something unwanted. Take a leap into far-distant futures not yet born but conceived in your all-knowing Minds-Eye.  Take a birds-eye view and deliberate on something you have never thought of before.

What is this string that is binding you? Guilt? Cut it. Melt it. Sell it. Meld it. Tie it up in a nice green bow and give it back to where it came from. Thank it, forgive it, walk with it, talk with it, carry it, say you’re sorry, and move on.

You don’t have to live in bondage anymore – you don’t have to live your life alone, or in sorrow. You are not alone. You are never alone.

What is freedom then? The recognition that you can have what you want, but better still, that you already have it on some deep level, and when you get that, the real surprise is…. You ARE it.

And that, as they say is I Am.



P.S. Do you have a story about how you lept out of bondage to a life of greater freedom? Or would you like to take a first step? Share your thoughts and insights below. Being in a community of like-minded is a giant first (or third, or second) step! Write your thoughts below. 🙂

In the Midst of Everything…


In the midst of everything… The sound of the sirens and the dog howling, and my reassurances to him that all is well….

And my daughter getting tucked into bed, nourishing a broken heart over girls who no longer want to be friends – her daddy reading her a bedtime favourite called, “Mr. Mischief” (from the Mr. Men series)…..

In the midst of the traffic light which turned as we rolled out of the pub after chicken wings and beer, a shady  hide-away from the light of day, and the music playing renewing my husband’s spirit…

In the midst of my grown teenage boy growing up even more, past me now, talking to his girlfriend on the phone…

And my own day of loneliness, touch, wonder, chaos and curiosity, what’s next, what can I grow…

I smell the lilacs in bloom, more sweet than ever, more luscious still than any springtime weather, and my hydrangeas hanging their heads with the promise there is more to bloom…

I hear the vacant stars and the moonlit sky calling to us to return to the evening calm as mosquitoes die and leave us alone…

In wonder, I return, again and again, to the seaside smell of wonder, the promise of never-after, but forever becoming, now still humming, wondering, promising, who, what, how and when…

Thank God for this constellation of stars, for this still-light moon, for this dancing array of the bottomless possibility we may find our way, of the heavenly knowing that no dew remains long as the sun returns…

I light my hands, every morning, skyward. I rise above the hasty habit of introspection and dry thought, I remember the chance to begin again, to stir, to ask the question, to reap the reward, to dance the floor boards

Oh my soul promises yet again, and never ever ends. Oh the promise is that I rise again, and again, and again. Never dying, always rising, crying, the surrender to what is.




P.S. This is all about Letting Go…  How do you surrender?  How do you deal with the chaos of life?  I found my sweet spot in this spiritual surrender. How do you find yours?

The Path of the Self – The Walk Together

In this dream we seem to walk alone. Our burdens are many. Our challenges infinite. We carry our burdens for what seems like eons until our backs will break, or the very skies will open up and shake.

When will it end – this illusion of separation?

Everyone carries on as if nothing is the same. But the cycles seem to repeat themselves, memories pile up, hurts begin to fester. There seems no end to the game. It frightens us to think of life this way. It challenges our very being.  It calls, it begs for some other way to see, to Live.

In this path we seem to walk alone. We walk blindly pretending to see. We grab onto anything, hoping it will retain us, contain some seed of knowing, promise, belief.  We want to see until it blinds us. We want to rip off the blindfold and know everything. We want to awaken and hold onto, not grab, but hold onto Everything.

There is something that stirs in the air, maybe it is in the forest, maybe the fall breeze, maybe it is lightning, or the birds, or some echoey call from nature. Maybe it is ourselves beckoning us to go on, to find another way.

But HOW do we get there? To this place of rest, relinquishment, peace?  How do we let go of so much that has given us nothing but pain?  Do we come to some violent end, or some agonizing death before the picture turns bright again? Are we simply vanquished?

Life is calling us for sure, not to surrender to suffering and despair, but to save it from our misunderstandings, ignorance and trifling cares that obliterate its Presence everywhere.  When will we notice It and lift up our heads? When will come off our knees and walk together instead?

We are not alone on this walk.  Although we may be blind to the ones standing before us, above us, beside us, below  us, they are everywhere. They are not here to hamper our style, or deliver us from evil. They are here to walk with us, for us, beside us, carrying us for a little while, perhaps. In them we have to place our Trust, though our disappointments be many, and our hostility and indifference sometimes cruel.  They are depending on us, not to take care of them, not to walk for them, but to give them the confidence that we can walk again. They teach us to care, not at the cost of, but so our mutual walk gives us Life, certainty, empathy. Love. That it is worth it.

So, what would we see if we were walking together? If we held each other’s hand? What would the world look like to us, who see a different purpose for creation, a different end?

What would the world look like if you knew you were not alone?  That you had a Friend?  Many. Not solo and lost, but on a guided adventure, a walk on the Wild Side – of Life, Laughter, Security, Clarity?

What would the world look like to you then?

Serendipity Calls

Ah, the buzz of adventure has given way to the singing of serendipity as I dip my feet, icy cold, in the water and find a flowing river instead.  Mmm!… Magnifique!  It is warmer than the air, bright with possibility, and it sings to me, calling me along the river bank and beyond, far past where I thought I was before.

I am so happy in this place, this rushing past, marvellously speeding along, then floating in ethereal space. The ground is still beneath my feet, a bit muddy at times, but squishily delicious and full of little urchins and things. Nothing fazes me in this new place, even the wonder of it. It is as if I half-expected it. Now it just is, all the time. This is no boredom, this is a marvellous dessert that doesn’t make you sick!

Today I have had two serendipitous events (so far).  I was out walking my dog with my daughter, who happened to stay home from school (don’t tell), when a new neighbour invited me into her house to show me her magnificent table that just arrived from her home country.  I was admiring the richness of everything, the foreignness and newness of the rosewood and carvings, and her enthusiasm for me.  Her face was glowing and mysterious, yet completely inviting.  My daughter was a bit bored by the whole thing, but I was captivated.  The woman told me she was a yoga instructor, and that she teaches meditation – would I like to come? “Come!” She implored me.  Bingo!  I have been struggling along for years, doing A Course in Miracles, and creating a beautiful sanctuary space for meditation.  The only problem is, I can’t seem to get my behind to sit long enough to do it!  I do succeed at times, but have always wanted the one-on-one.  I was so grateful for her invitation, I think I gushed.  I also promised her I would spread the word about her gifts.

Then I received a email from a friend of a friend in a foreign country, a city I adore, who is interested in my work in Evolutionary Woman.  I was equally impressed with her creative gifts and  her radiant spirit.  She just excudes Life.  She wondered if I might be interested in collaborating?… After seeing her magnificent works and energy, I thought, h– yeah!  No plan, no promises. Just Yes, yes, YES!

That is the feeling now, just flowing along, singing my song. Yes, sea urchins, nibble at my toes, water flow, people just say hello….  Ah, isn’t it grand to just dive right in, to begin?… Isn’t it worth every heart-sickening moment of how/who/what or when?..

Ahhh…..  YES!!

Thank you,