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Part II – Meeting Your Soul Companions

Have you ever met someone you instantly “knew”, someone you felt a deep connection to, that could not be explained by time or circumstance?

In Part II of my new Spiritual Soul Series (continued from “Part I – Miracles as Messages and Signs”)  I discover how sometimes God sends us angels, and sometimes Soul Companions to help remind us who we really are…


hampton jutney

  When I boarded the Hampton Jutney from New York to Southampton, I somehow knew it was going to be the trip of a lifetime, not because of what it was, but because of who I was becoming.

As I picked up my pen and notebook and sat back in my seat, a deep peace enveloped me, and I intuitively wrote:

  I am walking into the Arms of God.”

 You see, my soul was already readying itself in a beautiful state of awareness, one which notices the higher vibrations of life as it is unfolding, and is ever alert to God’s presence everywhere – the people on the bus sleeping or eating, the cars moving beside us on the road, the rain slapping against the bus driver’s windshield. All was like a native dance and I the initiate. I really had no agenda of my own, but was totally open and willing, with the constant prayer of “My life is yours. Please show me the way. Amen,” whispered on my tongue.  

When I got to the retreat, I was instantly happy.  I hadn’t even done anything yet!, but I had arrived.  My mind felt fresh and unburdened by the usual routines of life, the fears of everyday existence and worries about the future.  I was immersed in the present, with a pure feeling of joy!  

I found my dorm and flopped on my hospital-like bed with gratitude.  A place as clean and unwritten as I felt – an open slate.  I felt as fresh as a young student ready to learn and absorb everything. Nothing could have pleased me more.  

Out on the open patio at the conference centre, I met my fellow “students”.  I am not much of a small-talker, and often find large crowds uncomfortable, unless I am able to just be myself.  So I was!  With no pretense, I just approached a few people at a time. I heard one man talking and joking nearby, so I went and spoke to that group.  I listened as usual before saying anything. I like to gauge the feeling, the energy of a room or group, before I engage.  I had no trouble in this instance, and as some of the people moved on, this man and I began to talk and share some of our background and why we had come to the retreat.  

I felt an instant connection, like I had known this person a million years (I probably had!). As we spoke, more information was revealed, and before I knew it we were walking on the nearby beach of Southampton at lunch sharing our stories and deeper spiritual understandings. I felt I had met a true Soul Companion…  


We returned to the village and walked the charming streets. He shook his head in amazement as I spoke, deeply appreciating what I had to say about everything, and understanding the deep emotional content.  He reassured me there was nothing wrong with my head, and that who I was was truly special and amazing.

I asked him what he meant.


“You are like a giant sun,”  he said.  “radiating out in all directions.”

I had never heard anyone describe me like that. I felt not only validated, but loved as a unique  human being and even Spirit.  It gave me confidence not only in myself, but that greater inner urging that I needed to continue on my Spiritual path…  

When I got home, life seemed to return to “normal” for awhile, hectic and crazy at times, then lonely and boring. I wondered what was happening to my inner world? I knew something was up, because that inner urging led me to begin chanelling new writings, poetry, ideas and visions that seemed to drop from heaven above – ideas which led me to find or create new communities where I would meet even more of these beloved Soul Companions who were just waiting for me beyond the horizon…

I never would have predicted what these new ideas and special connections would mean to my very Soul or future; how they would catalyze me into my true purpose here, affect so many others with my emerging gifts, and catapult us into the incredible Journey to come…


To be continued…. 


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 P.S. Have you ever met a soul companion and felt instant love and recognition?  Write to me below or share your journey here.


Miracle 28: “The Miracle is ME!”


krista red april cropped and large 2008This morning I had a crisis of faith.  Given I can feel great one day, and not so good the next, I wondered if I would ever solve the puzzle of my own mental dance.  I wondered if I’m just making all this stuff up, and nothing I am saying is real.  That’s the real mind f-*-#-*k the ego does.  Yes, dear, you are entirely wrong, and crazy to boot.

So, I lay there for some while, endeavouring not to do anything, deciding if I just stay in bed, I will challenge God to do something – poke me with a big, fat stick, or take me out.  He didn’t.  But I did rise up.  Why?

I thought to myself:  My happiness, my energy, my action does NOT require my belief.  I simply need to do what I know works. That’s it.

I happen to believe in Spirit. That word I cannot be offended by – cannot dissolve into a teary mess if challenged by atheists or my own internal bug.  No, I can shake hands with Spirit. I KNOW Spirit. I do not need to defend anything.  Spirit is I Am, and I see it in everyone.  IT is what arises in me when I get out of bed.  Like right now, I said, as I stood there contemplating what all this means (I know, I think too much).  My mother would give me a swift kick of “tough love” and say go help someone, stop thinking about yourself. That would shame anyone into doing the laundry or laughing with the kids.

The truth is, I know what I need. As glorious as the summer is, it is not my sweet time.  I love the fall (I know, crazy). I love the wild breezes, the dust getting kicked up and travelling to New York on the fly.  I love the surprise of it all. Languid and limp? Not me!

So what does all this mean? What’s the miracle here, Krista dear?  I’ll tell you.  It’s ME!  I decided to change my mind.  This conundrum of what I believe has led me to realize that though I believe many things, that’s not what gets me up in the morning.

Here’s what does:

  • Laughing with you
  • Working on a project I love
  • Working with people in a circle, on a plane, in the rain
  • Climbing tall buildings in a single bound
  • Grabbing a coffee before cracking my books open
  • Getting on a train (GO Train in my case)
  • Going downtown
  • Bright lights, big city love
  • Circle surprises and energy rising
  • Laughing til my face hurts
  • Praying with gratitude (not requests)
  • Believing in myself
  • Holding a vision so big it almost bursts
  • Sharing that vision with you and
  • Watching your eyes light up

So that’s what got me up this morning, and now I am at Starbucks.  Starbucks in Scarborough, which could just as easily be New York or anywhere on earth.  It doesn’t matter. The music fills me, the Chai tea with half and half, honey, cinnamon and nutmeg, banana bread with two hunks of butter and no apologies.  Typing wildly to you and being happy, completely transformed.

Completely – Transformed.

That’s it.

The miracle for today.

What’s yours?


Me xo



Miracle 26: “Just the Beginning”

This miracle post is a seed I’ve planted.  Every  miracle may be unseen, just a fraction of what it could be. Perhaps forgotten or unseen. Each request, each desire, each miraculous perception, each forgiveness, each loving thought, each dream, each vision:  All these things are just the beginning for me.

My miracles come all the time. But, I have thought pretty small. I have gotten down on myself, or forgotten what I am capable of.  I have prayed big dreams, and I have just begun to dream again.  Everything I have dreamed about, envisioned, almost everything I have felt truly passionate about has come to pass.  I wrote things 10 years ago that have all happened.

My biggest problem is:  have I run out of dreams?  What is a bigger dream than what I have already lived and achieved?

The funny thing is, I am not yet satisfied.  I am content, I am happy at times, grateful. But Nothing can convince me that there isn’t more.  I know there is.  That may be a curse to some, but to me it is the greatest blessing.

I can’t wait for MORE!

I can’t wait to surprise someone, to surprise myself. I can’t wait to be so surprised by the opening in my life, the invitation to more, the greatest vision possible that I couldn’t have come up with on my own:  I can’t wait to be so shaken and surprised that I break down and cry.

This is just the beginning for me.  I have planted many seeds. Some things have already sprouted. Some things I am still tending to, and they are growing, slowly.  But I will not accept that this is it for me.  This little patch of garden, this little patch of grass, this one little tree.

No, I envision something much, much BIGGER, to give my greatest blessings to MORE and MORE. I envision all my talents being used, everything I have ever learned, read, studied, achieved, being used for something much GREATER, transforming and uplifting us MORE and MORE!

Can I cross? Photo by Garland Cannon


I am not done.  Nor will I ever be.  I hope you are excited, too. Because you can do anything you want to.  You don’t have to win anyone’s approval to accept this for yourself. Just begin to see it, ask for it, write about it, dream it, imagine it.  It will come if it’s for you.

I look back on old miracles I have received, that transformed my life forever. I still feel grateful for them.  Some of those miracles are still working in my life, relationships that saved me from where I was and helped move me to where I am.


But there’s more.  More relationships, people, places, things to do.  I can’t possibly know what all that looks like or how exactly it’s going to come to pass, but I know enough to begin.  And I know enough to keep asking.  I know when I speak these powerful words, these great “I AMs”, something moves heaven and earth with me.  That force is so great in  me, it shakes the universe.  That may sound arrogant, but it is not. It is true.  I can feel it.  And so can you, when you declare it.  Just try it!


On the weekend I witnessed a woman who didn’t think she was strong.  I asked her to try something with me. That if I were to push down on her outstretched arm it would not fall.  I taught her to declare “I AM STRONG. I AM UNDEFEATED.”  That she could do it. That she was POWERFUL.  I told her to repeat it three times, “I AM STRONG. I AM STRONG. I AM STRONG!” and when she was ready, I pushed down on her arm.  It stayed straight out, undefeated. It would NOT go down.

Of course when we did the opposite and she thought to herself, “I am weak, I am tired” her arm fell right down. The same thing happened with another man with the statements reversed.  An eye opener for all who were witnessing the power of our thoughts and words.

That is just a minor example of how our attitude and self-perception can be shaken into something new.

What if I can?  What if I AM?  What if it’s TRUE?

Iberian Peninsula at Night – NASA

I have witnessed many miracles, many things come to pass that I was hoping for and envisioning. People have recently come into my life that told me they had faith in me. They believed I can. Will I disappoint them? Will I pretend that it was just a lucky break?

Or will I believe that something happened for a reason, that this person was a messenger for me. That I need to change my attitude, and ask for something BIG?

This is just the beginning for me.  I don’t know what will happen, but I’m going to begin to imagine.  And then I’m going to open myself and watch what happens. It may be a phone call, a pronouncement, a declaration, an invitation, an idea, a step, a reminder, a new opportunity, a miracle.

I invite it in. Like the seeds just planted that I haven’t seen yet.  I will water them and pick out the weeds. I will step back. I will wait for the miracle to begin.  And I will expand my vision.   Instead of this little patch, I see a great swaying field, as wide as the eye can see, an OCEAN of miracles, a GALAXY.  A UNIVERSE sparkling and receptive, expanding every day.  A myriad of possibilities.  I will not step down and stare at the ceiling. I will close my eyes and see beyond what most people see.  I will awaken to a NEW STORY, a new promise, a new demand in me.  And I will meet it.  I WILL SUCCEED!


Say this to yourself, or something greater. Believe with me.  No matter how feeble. Think: This is “Just the Beginning”.  Plant a seed.  Blow on it.  Watch it grow.  Step back and let the miracles blow you away.

This is just the beginning. Another day. No, a NEW day.  Never happened this way.  Never before.  Totally and completely unexpected.  Something that jolts even me beyond where I’ve been or thought possible.

I put it out there.  I believe. I keep dreaming, giving, declaring it for myself.  That is the greatest gift I can give to others.

Until I am surprised, astonished, I know I can do more. I will not stop until I know my vision is big enough to open that greatest of doors.


What is the  miracle you are afraid to declare? What is your greatest vision, secret hope, deepest wish? Declare it for yourself.

Miracle 14: “Enough”

Tonight’s Miracle came reluctantly through me (meaning I was reluctant, not the miracle), but I put my ego aside and let it be. If one person is helped by it, it would be worth it.



What you’re doing is enough
Who you are is enough
The power you have is enough
The words you speak are enough
The soul you bear is enough
The pain you seek is enough
The letting go is enough
The welcome is enough
You are enough

Do you hear?
In your Name, Jesus Speaks
To the One listening
He speaks.
Calm your heart,
Don’t deny when you fall apart.
Let the tide go
Carry you deeper
Than ever before.

You will walk again
Mists parted
Love speaks
Words cease
You will be
As Undefeated
As He


The Miracle of Relationship

I’m just feeling so lucky today. I recently discovered in my business, the Miracle of Relationship. It seems obvious to say that relationships are important in our everyday lives (family, friends, kids), but being a lone wolf in business is no fun at the park.  I really miss the collaboration and insight that comes from another’s point of view. And so, this week I really went full-tilt boogie in exploring how I can partner with other women to bring more insight, more inspiration, and more love into the world.

My first perfect example is Stacey Coke, actress/model/friend. After sending out my last blog post, I received a series of impromptu video clippings from her iphone. She was natural, beautiful and raw in her honesty and insight. I absolutely felt stunned and grateful for her gift, and asked her if I could post it, which I did (see it  here).

Then I had the great fortune to speak to another bright and shining star (or shall I say Moon?) in Tina M. Games, a Moonlight Muse author and Life Purpose Intuitive, who, after speaking candidly with one another on the topic of “letting go”, invited me to formally interview with her next week for her Life Purpose Legacy series. I was honoured. Of course I said, Yes!

Yes is something I’m getting used to saying!

The Miracle of Letting Go

Krista in Del Mar

I can’t  plan this. Some academics spend eons planning, researching, writing and editing their material. Forgive me my typ-os (typos?), my dangling participles, my fragments. This is the joy of creating, like a delicious soup that gets made from half-made things all thrown together into a stirling mix. Who can plan this? Who wants to?

Have you let go of planning yet?

Preparation is one thing. We all have to buy our tickets to get to where we’re going. But once we’ve prepared and shown up, our job is to let go and experience it.

Here’s what happened to me:  I met a woman in a cafe whom I have admired for a long time. We spoke briefly over the course of a year.  One day I returned to the cafe just brimming with my news, of what I was doing with Evolutionary Women, this circle of women I started in Scarborough, who wanted to connect and transform, together. I was sparkling with joy. The mists had parted, and she noticed this exuberance, this life. She wanted to know Everything, as most women do (which I adore). I told her my story. First, the five-minute version, which wasn’t enough. She was enthralled. Tell me more! I told her how I got to where I am now, what I had to give up – the trying, the “efforting” for a pre-set notion of my future. But it wasn’t working. Everything felt like a no-fly zone.  I was lost in a daydream, a maze with no door. Then I awoke. I joined several groups, sought help. I began talking, searching, writing, creating. I struggled, I fell down. I didn’t know how I was ever going to get there, this nebulous new world. I didn’t know how I was going to start all over.  I had visions, daydreams, images that would come to me, words that would flow through me all the time. I was pretty isolated then. It took time to build a support team. I became relaxed into this new way of being. My life became an editing room. I was being edited down to my finest, most crystalline form. Everything else was tertiary.

Soon, in the span of two years, my daydreams began to form. Something Inside began to show up all around me. I began to transform myself. Show up differently. There were dips and curves, valleys. Breakdowns and breakthroughs. I suffered A LOT. So did my family at times. I knew I had to change the way I was thinking about myself and my life. What I was here for. It wasn’t to glorify myself. I had to go a different way. I had to let go!

Letting go doesn’t mean having nothing, or doing  nothing. It doesn’t even mean loss necessarily, as it is so often associated with grieving.  Sure, I cried my tears in the letting go of “me”, who I thought I was. The pain of sustaining an image of myself that I couldn’t live up to (that wasn’t true). I had kept  my true thoughts well hidden. It took awhile to crawl to the surface and breathe dry air. To trust that I could tell others the truth. That I wasn’t happy the other way. I had to let go.

Letting go is New. It’s You!  It’s Why We’re Here, What We are For, It’s the deliverance you’ve been waiting for! It’s the door!  It’s Thank God I don’t have a plan anymore! Thank God I can just be me! Isn’t it fabulous, just to be me?

And then – people started noticing. People started wanting to join with me, to participate in: to listen, to speak, to share their hearts, their minds, to co-create. To begin! Suddenly I was not alone – I became swept up in a giant swell. There was something much more important at stake – my happiness and theirs, not some arbitrary future life I wanted to create – No. I wanted my Life NOW!

This is what happened when I let go:  My woman friend and I sat and had a real conversation. We lit up the room. The world closed in around us like a giant blanket. Other women listened and enthused. Possibilities and ventures sparked. We started saying Yes, I would love to do that. Let’s talk about it. Now, things are happening, and I have so much to do!

How did it all happen?? I couldn’t have planned or predicted this. I had an idea to join with other women. To  connect. I began to create something small. I thought of doing more, reaching more women. I talked and wrote about it – A LOT. Too much, in fact. But, I didn’t give up. I got positive feedback. I kept putting it out there. There were slumps and insecurities – there still are!  But this idea, this adventure, this feeling to keep going kept coming to me. I kept dreaming and sharing. And soon, when I took that terrifying step of asking someone about renting a space to hold a workshop –  THEN and only then – I heard the giant chorus of YES! chiming back at me.  Other women wanted this too. Then – did I notice: This was a good idea! It wasn’t just some “idea” in my head. Some other scheme to “get ahead.”  It wasn’t just for me anymore, it was also for them. Serendipity took over. People started approaching me for more. This was something brewing deep down in the hearts of all of us – at least the women I’ve met. And even men!

What really surprised me, when I let go and just spoke to this woman from my heart, was that she wanted to work with me one on one.  I had never done this before.  I didn’t know what I would do. How could I? How could I know what she was going to say?  To plan would have been interference.  I had to trust. I felt humbled by her trust in me, in the Presence – because that is what it was. My Presence spoke for me, on her behalf. I saw who she was, felt the tingling sensation of Yes! shouting through her – through the aches and pains of what was. I knew her.  I wanted to join with her and help her as so many had helped me. And, because I allowed that Presence to speak for me, instead of some rigid, academic plan, some psychology degree – I knew what to say and when. I had compassion. At first, it just stumbled out.  But then, as the energy moved me and I SPOKE. it just rang out!  Her eyes lit up and she said, “Wow…this is Amazing.” I felt that too. I was as amazed as she was. I felt totally connected, totally alive, totally gifted by that moment with her presence too. Our awareness grew.

It is amazing what we can do when we don’t have a plan. When we let go. It’s amazing what’s Inside of us when we just let ourselves LIVE and give others permission to do the same.

The same thing happened the other night in a workshop I was giving.  It had become more of a Circle, a quiet space of reflection and sharing. I had written reams of material, I had hundreds of exercises swirling around my head – some we had already tried which were quite invigorating, and I believe helpful. But this time was different. They had already begun without that. This time, it wasn’t “all up to me” as I had felt before, and so many women who carry that sense of responsibility very heavily. The burden of caring too much, planning too hard, frightened of the unknown. Afraid to surrender. To trust that I had enough.  That I was enough.

I sat uncomfortably in my chair at first, knowing “I Have a Plan”. Then I listened to the women open up, their stories naturally spilling out of them, the electricity of their knowing filling the room. Their intelligence, their insight, their banter. Their laughter!  Who could interfere with that? What more could I give that they didn’t already have?

I had to let go. I had already created this space for them to grow. They had already accepted, shown up.  Given themselves. All I had to do was listen and give what came to me in the moment. I offered my thoughts, my passion, which caught fire when I spoke.  I noticed when I tried too hard and stopped.  I listened to myself. I remembered what my purpose was (to give them a space to heal) and spoke from my heart instead. And then they lit up.  Because I was being true. There were still challenges and discussion. Healing moments and successes.  Opportunities for further growth. Things I could do to help in future, but waited. It was not appropriate now. There would be more time. This was only a beginning.

At the beginning of that night, in silent preparation, I had lit 9 tiny candles in the centre of the table. And as I quietly sat by and listened, my friend turned to me and said, “Nine candles. Ah….  Birthing”  She smiled. Beamed, actually. And now as I looked around at their faces, the nine women who came, we resembled the light itself.  It was our quiet sanctuary. I felt I had done something exquisite, without “doing” anything at all. I had given myself permission to just be there, and to let them as well, to have faith that we would do the right thing together. Like women who know how to give birth to something. No doctor can tell us how to do it. Nature just knows.

Women know. They understand each other. We are natural creatures. Our instincts get dampened by too much structure.  We need room to grow. That’s all. Just a room. Just a space. Just a collaborator or two.

Give yourself a little space to let go…

And let the miracle happen to You.

P.S. This is my way of surrendering. I’ve spent years thinking too much. And still do. I use to get rewarded for getting my semi-colons right. Now, all I want is You!  To be happy. To be joyful. To reach people in a new way. To let the Spirit move me! I hope it moves you too.


3. The Death of the Ego

Inner Light

When we talk about death we often talk about the physical body. But that has been the least of my experience. Yes, I have been through death: death of a mother/father figure, death of an aunt, death of nearly all my grandparents, two dogs and a cat, not to mention the young ones on the periphery, those who I didn’t know well, but touched me still. And those in war-torn countries whom I’ve never met. I feel them all.  But death is not just that.

Death is of the ego*

In my understanding, the ego identifies with the body to separate itself and create a separate identity. It can be special, definitive and alone.  The ego is that part of ourselves that is not aligned with life. With communion. It is the part that sides only with death.

But what if death was something simpler? What if death could be embraced, not as the death of the physical body, but as the ending of a cycle? Or the end of suffering?

Like I discussed on the radio show with Cezarina Trone, death is a daily thing; a constant dance of change.

What if death could be a temporary passage to the beginning of a Life magical?

In my recent talks with women, I have learned the common story of how death wraps itself around us when change is on the horizon. We hide into our selves and think something is wrong with us, that we cannot survive, or that we are alone…

   …but death is nothing, if not a harbinger of change.

The larger part of us, that knows life, that embraces change, whether you call it God, Your Higher Self, or the Miracle, is what pulls us through to that other side of Life. Not just the “light at the end of the tunnel”, the consolatory image so often attributed to the “after-life”, but to the light of Life that exists always within us, right here and now.

Change is difficult, and surrender of the ego is harder. The ego wants us to cling to our old ways, to other people’s visions of us, to the bonds that tie us tightly to one another, to our old identities, and to conflicts  between disparate personalities/groups/countries.

But I have seen another light within me, within all of us, that holds us in balance at the worst possible pronouncement of death calling for us to crumble. No! we say from somewhere inside. NO! I will not pass away, not unto death, but to Life! To Freedom! To the Strength I didn’t know I had.

This death is harder – more contemporary. It is the death of what you once were, your illusions about your self. About what life is for.  And when you let go of that, you do not have death, you have something unchanging and new. A vision that swells and drips with purpose, that comforts you. It grows even as you rest. Even as the rain drips down from the balcony and the heavy curtains seem to close…

I champion those who are willing to go through this curtain;  who have the courage to cling, not to the ego’s grip, but to a new hand, a new day;  who have the courage to peek through the curtain to see the light shining back at them, the happy faces in the front row waiting for them, for You, to Rise.

This is your day. Become the ultimate Scene-Stealer. Bow only to Life.

*based on a study of A Course in Miracles.

Day 21: The Miracle is You

I mean that literally. The Miracle is You. I’m not being generic or metaphoric or universal in any way. For the first time, I really get it.

I sang through the weekend doing the birthday thing, kids running amok, appreciating my family, getting uptight and nervous about the quantity of young guests, the unanticipated sleepover, the never-ending hangover of more guests on Sunday. The joy of an unusual full family dinner.

Now, as I swing back to my beloved friends of this blogging world, I get this sudden feeling of  connectivity, reciprocity, understanding…

This is not just about me. This is about You. The miracle that happens to me is the same miracle that happens to you. What I write, you also live. What you live, I somehow write. How does this happen? How does this miracle happen to us both at the same time, echoing each other? You may think, How did you know that? How did you say exactly how I was feeling at this moment in time? How did you say it just like that so that it sung to my heart, spoke from my true understanding, something I hadn’t even put into words before? This is all new to me too.

All I know is, I am doing this with you

It is a chorus, a harmony, an absolute symphony. I love to write, and you hear my voice. But you don’t just hear me, you hear You! This is bizarre. Amazing. I am singing your song as much as I am singing mine. Maybe we are singing the same song!

I am honoured to be the one putting down the words because it is easy for  me. As Lady GaGa says, “I was born this way!” But maybe for the one who is tongue-tied or whose heart is torn apart, and can’t even begin to know how to express ‘that’, I am their God-send. Literally. That is not arrogant. As Marianne Williamson says echoing A Course in Miracles, it is not arrogant to recognize your God-given talents and use them. It is humble to witness their impact, to see God’s work at hand. To fall down on your knees and say, Thank you for using me at last!

Thank you.

Thank You for being here, for listening, for understanding, for being, for responding. Thank you for singing your chorus, your harmony. Your wave of passion, happiness, devotion.  I love our evolving collaboration, our co-witnessing each other, our evolutionary striving for something greater. An awakening of seismic proportions. Beyond Katerina, Beyond tragedy. This is the response to all of that. This is the Hope. The Dream. The Great Call to Freedom at last! This isn’t about race, sex, age or religion. This transcends all borders and boundaries we ever thought we had. This is Love itself calling to our own Selves. We are recognizing ourselves in each other’s greatness. We are witnessing the possibility of what we can be together.  Supporting each other in the Climb that has  nothing to do with ceilings or enemies or friends. This is wider, deeper, faster and more incredible than anything we ever thought we were or had. This is the mountain without peak, the river without end…

Dear God, make us Great. Make us tall. Make us realize our own potential in each other’s eyes. Let us witness and make a pact: Never again will we act small, pretend we don’t know anything. Hide in the branches of our own greatness, only to swing when we are alone. Let us join our hands. Clasp on for dear life. Let’s sing our hearts out in this, our Collective Song.

There’s no denying when you’ve heard the Call.

There’s no denying when a Miracle is born.

Thank you, God for hearing mine.