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The Thrill of Change

One of the greatest mysteries of life is how much control we really have over our lives. Is there a God? Are we at the hands of fate? Or are we ultimate Creators? Or all of the above?!

When we find ourselves in the throes of change, even change we instigated, it can be a shock to realize how much power we have, while at the same time having to admit that we know very little about what may play out.

I believe we come in to this world with preferences, a kind of rough draft outline devised by the Divine (which includes Us, by the way!)

travel planImagine you are about to go on a very long trip. You have a general idea of the destination, you’ve heard it’s pretty, usually has nice weather and there are many opportunities to play and relax and meet interesting people.  So you book your ticket.  You may look at brochures of what other people have experienced in this new environment, and you may stare out the window of the plane imagining what you may do once there.

But do you really know what will happen once you arrive?  Of course not!  That’s like saying, you will know that a man named Greg will pop up to you at the airline counter and offer you a first class seat. Or the person in the cab on the way to the hotel will redirect you to a different hotel that is much better. Or that you will meet a tall handsome stranger at dinner on the first night and end up getting married the following week.  Who knows?! Anything is possible once you arrive.  But you start with preferences…

Once you are in the flow of life, every moment is a dance of cause and effect. What mood are you in? What do you expect? Are you happy or sad? Are you in grief or ecstatic at the game that is playing out? Do you want to stop and play again?  These are all chances to experience life from different vantage points. So much can happen on the way from A to B, that you may very well find yourself at Z and have to start all over again!

What I love to do is begin with a general idea of what I would like to create, and write it down. Sometimes I doodle or cut out images, but most times my imagination is more than enough.  As a hypnotist, I have no trouble visualizing and creating inner worlds!  What is truly amazing is when they come to pass and appear in my outer reality, quite unexpectedly.

Because of change, things I never thought I would do, I have already done (like acting, having a baby – or two, travelling around the world, creating a business). And things I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle, I did (like divorce, death of a loved one, moving, starting a new career) and more!

Some of my greatest miracles came out of the darkest storms and greatest times of change…

I am grateful for all the change that has led me here now!

Change occurs when our unconscious or conscious desires come true! They can be quite positive or negative depending on our inner world, the expectations and influence of those around us, which is what we allow ourselves to be exposed to.

You can change anything if you really want to – except your essential self, and other people! It’s not about eradicating what is… it’s about accentuating what is or creating what could be! And if you don’t like change, you can change that too. Just stay stuck awhile and see where life takes you!

women change

No matter what we do, we will inevitably change, and change is good for us, as it is the zest of life, what great writers write about, what lovers moon about, and what dogs howl about. It moves us in the right direction, even when everything appears to be going wrong. Great change can come even from tragedy. Progress comes from its opposite. So, change always moves in a positive direction over time. It’s all a collective choice!

Is there any point to all this change?

Well, like travel or anything else, we learn by doing something new. We learn what we can and cannot do. We learn what we like and what we cannot tolerate. We learn what could go wrong and how to adjust the plan. There is no one way to do it, and there is no real wrong turn, for there is always a change that will open us yet again to something we hadn’t thought of before!

It is all up to you! And you, and You!  

Each of us creates change, and our world too. Our world is just a giant mirror of our collective wishes, beliefs and dreams. We can embrace and create change, or try to stay the same…  Something mysterious will always turn us one way or the other, to create something more positive, even if life has to shake us a little more.  We are being moulded by an internal Force, and what seem to be external circumstances that we helped create!

We are like the clay and the potter (Isaiah 64:8), the wrecking ball and the glue that brings it all together.  God is in us, and we are in God too! There is nothing we can’t do!

(Except know all of this in advance. Except always know what to do. Because we are human, we forget that we are powerful creators. And we forget God, too.)

Sometimes, you just have to wait for it. Change will catch up to you!

Sooner or later you will discover, The Miracle is You!


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A Lighter Way

Over the last few years, and especially leading up to 2012 and the aftermath of 2013, I felt a lot of heavier, more serious energies. Given the importance 2012 had for many, and the relief of still being alive in 2013 for some (!), we are now at a point of creation again.  The ending of one era has given way (finally) to another.  And just what does that era entail?

In my own being, I feel the sense of enormous possibility and release of old ways and expectations. In relationships, work content, and intention/purpose – there is a sense of “lightening up the load”.  What was once heavy and dense, having to be worked through and released, is now lifting and leaving a great sense of air, expectancy, miracles and surprise.  

Like a jet airliner that has been landed too long (and perhaps needed extensive de-icing after a long winter!), we are now ready for lift off!  The runway feels a little bumpy, but once we reach the air it is smooth, crisp and clear.  And the sun is shining enormously bright…

But… Where are we going?

Touring Sonic Boom records in downtown T.O.

Touring historic  “Sonic Boom” records in downtown T.O. – Southern Comfort’s delightful “Frog City” album cover

Who knows!  The land of possibility –  perhaps a multi-stop pop into the skies of life, gaining an aerial view of everything, and touching down where it feels warm and bright.  Can you relate?

Aaaahhh…  the sense of wonder. The magical nature of life unfolds.  Promises once made in a sleepless night begin to realize themselves magically without any effort or dense forethought.  Things just float along.  There is happiness and a song…

I feel this in the air as travel – unexpected trips, surprising new relationships, the miraculous impact of uplifting sounds and rousing music, dancing and singing as I wake up in the morning, greeting the day with more than a somber and “mercurious” meditation, but instead a delightful 2-step or highlander foray, as my feet gleefully pound the floorboards (my Irish/Scottish roots are showing!)…

        Natalie MacMaster on the fiddle with Cape Breton stepdancers 

I can’t get enough. Though I still mourn yesterday at times, and have my odd bad day – I sometimes get delayed (like an unwanted stop-over that never seems to end as your true destination awaits). But there is still the knowing that more is on the way. Patience, love and understanding keep me safe until I am back on the sky highway again.

This is where I am.  Turbulence, rain, shower – sure, they drop in.  But the rising sun delights me, and the whimsical air has my name on it. Krista is coming!  There is a sea of doves rushing in, and ancient places to go with a lighter heart and new mind. My steps are lighter.  My voice less rigid and somber.  A new way is slowly unfolding, and perhaps a new miraculous and enchanting era that is not mine, but shared.  

I look forward to this new time.  God knows, we have worked hard for it – mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.  Maybe it’s time to let go and walk (or fly with the angels) a lighter way.  

A way that has been calling us all along.


Expand Your View

What happens when we divest ourselves of what’s past, and engage with what’s present?  Our awareness expands and shows us something new. The miracle is that there are no thorns in that.

When we are free, our awareness guides and glides us to what is best, what lives, what breathes. And what only open us up… to everything.

Top Photo: Paul Tuttle, Mountains at Lake Louise

After one mountain has been climbed there is usually another. Some people talk of the valley, and lo! how I have been there at times. I would much rather be climbing the mountain, than finding my way in the nestled trees and dark cover of the valley.  I would rather climb up and grab onto their massive hearty trunks as I pull myself up higher and higher, finding my foothold.  My breath.

There is nothing like overcoming an obstacle and receiving your reward.  If it is too easy, there is nothing to celebrate, nothing to be glad about. If it was always there, it wasn’t worth reaching for in the first place.  But if it was hard at times, out of sight, and it pushed you to your limits, and it taught you something new, then it is worth having and holding on to.

Life is not to be a struggle.  Far from it. It is to challenge and engage us with all we’ve got, to force us at times to let go of what’s not, and reach for something higher, saner, bigger. More beautiful. More holy.  Forgiven.  The grace that comes from that flight, that fight at times, that airless breezeless gift, that momentary levitation, is worth all the lessons in the world.

. 33405402_ae9c3f37dc_z flickr awe inspiring photo sharing

To taste that momentary awareness of everything, of

greatness, of limitlessness, of YES,

is priceless.


What could you let go of that wasn’t yours in the first place?

What could you open your mind and thought to, a hidden glimpse of what is possible in you?

What would you see if you reached a little higher?


The sound that you hear when you reach that corridor, that skyline, that place inside that says “I can’t believe it. I’m here. I made it!” is pure magic. A silent hum descends in your consciousness, like a delicious soup warming your mouth, free floating bees hovering over naked flowers, a priest about to speak.  The anticipation is wild, and the taste breathtaking. 

The earth quakes when we move. Not in the literal sense with disruption and alarm, though sometimes that happens in the process.  But it moves with us, anticipates. It opens up to embrace us as we journey out.  It greets us with amazing vistas. It teaches us to be humble in the midst of chaos.  It knows where we are going even if we do not.

The universe is the same. What magic comes when we look up at the stars, when we venture beyond the known lights of the city and see what is really there that we hadn’t even noticed before?  What happens when we close our eyes and imagine even more…

There is a limitless place we can go where we rise higher than before, see more, do more, become more, have more, and yet be attached to nothing.  Because the more we go into this limitless awareness, the less we want to drag our heels, or anything else, behind us. We want to leap forward! keep going and expanding, growing, seeing where we are going, see what’s around each corner.  Each corridor. Each door. Waiting for us to be opened…

Celestial Door. Photo: Anthony Cozza.

Celestial Door. Photo: Anthony Cozza.


Open that door. That silent gate asking you to come and participate.

What is waiting on the other side of it?


What would you see if you stopped looking on the ground?

What would you know if you closed your eyes and asked to really go there?

Who would you meet if you allowed yourself to greet each day with “what’s new?”


What would that look like – to welcome this new awareness into your being every day?  To delight in what’s new and play? It could be a new friend to greet.  A new opportunity.  A house larger or more beautiful than you expected.  A hidden sanctuary.  A demand to seek more and receive.  A party of hidden players ready to play with you. 

Whatever your mountain is, your expanded view, open your arms and go for it. See what’s inside of you.  Wherever that breezeless, limitless gift resides in you, reach for it, implore it, become it, venture towards it. Know it. Let it be more manifold in you.

Like “A Room with a View”, our vision will expand to include things we hadn’t seen before. And then we will know what all the fuss was for. We will be infused. Made new. And our wanderings make perfect sense.  Clarity comes. We are awake. And we have more to think and do.


Find that expanded view.

Find what is waiting for you.



krista headshot outside 


Krista Moore is a gifted writer, speaker and intuitive healer, certified in Metaphysical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Direction (intern).  Book a Private session by Phone/Skype or in person, or a Group talk.

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Miracles of Life & Death 1: Preparation

Today I am writing because I want to prepare. I want to prepare for my grandmother, who has just announced that she is ready to go and will no longer take her meds. (She is prepared.) And I want to prepare for the radio show which I will be on in about an hour and a half. Copious notes and preparation are my steadfast friends. And then I let go…

Much with life and death, preparation is the key to everything. How do we prepare? As I learned with Actors Exercises for Everybody, you learn to be with yourself first.

You learn to accept your own feelings, dread, fear, mistakes. You learn to sink deeper than you ever have before. You shed a tear. Or two. Or more. You let go. Of the confines of space, of time, of expectation, of wandering. You let go of other people’s opinions, fears, expectations and bothering.  You let go of the voice which tells you that you have to.  You let go of convention – shoulda, woulda and coulda, too.

You learn to be here.

It’s ironic that we have to learn to “be here” while others are choosing to depart. But it’s true. We have a mission to detect. We can’t afford to miss a day on the job. And by that I don’t mean the 9 to 5. I’m taking about the reason we are here. Each person’s reason is different, unique. And each person’s time will be different too.  We have to respect when it’s someone’s time to go.

Part of my learning and preparation has been to enjoy the good stuff while it’s happening. Our last visit to my grandmother was a joy. I brought the kids. We did not dwell on “why” we were there – that she was sick, or weak. Instead, we focused on her joy in seeing my son and daughter; in giving her the opportunity to hear him play his guitar right there in her hospital room; and in allowing the kids some fun at the relative’s playing pool and swimming in the lake (chasing off garter snakes!). A time they will never forget. Along with her.


How do I learn to “be here”, to prepare?  I take a walk. I take a break. I breathe a little deeper than I’m willing to. I go somewhere. Like California. I come back and re-group. I connect. I ask myself questions and go a little deeper than before. I delight in what I know so far, and I enjoy the journey. I don’t live in the future anymore, or the past.

What I love about death is that it brings everything into focus. What is not important fades, and what is still vital remains. That is all we need to remember, and all we need to go on.

I love my grandmother. I will always cherish her and keep her safe. She has given me so much – stories to tell, mysteries to solve and puzzle over, people to build a bridge with. I will miss her voice. I will miss asking her questions. I will write everything. Nothing will be lost. Not while I live. And, even after that.

P.S. I think I am ready now. There is nothing more to do but wait. And live. And talk. And write. Everything I prepared is there. And then, I let go. To the moment, to whatever lives, whatever asks to be said. Whatever asks to be born.

California Dreamin’

This is the first post in a series I will be writing “on the road” in CA. I am sitting here at our first landing spot in Del Mar, south of LA, north of San Diego. But let me take a step back to yesterday, our first true day on the “job”.

I awoke feeling a little sick. Not how I wanted to feel on the day I would be boarding a plane to California, a state I had barely seen in my moment with the Mojave nine years ago. I still had the lavic rock I had scooped up there, and the memory, but I wanted to experience so much MORE…

I had been dreaming of this trip for a very long time. Through my acting life, of course, but also as a person just wanting to “go there” and “be there” in that light, that beautiful garden space coastal beauty ride. We had also been dreaming of doing our Pacific Highway 1 coastal drive for over ten years. And now, here we are….



I boarded the plane, praying the nausea would go away. I had been up the previous night, too excited to sleep, as usual, before a big trip. And with so much to do that day, my mind was buzzing with it. I had gotten the Book out, finally! And I had completed my 30 days of miracles the week before.

I was buzzing with Life.

I also realized before I even got here, that what I imagined of LA (or any other place) would be different from the “Dream” I held about it as a kid growing up mooning over  the “Oscars”, or as an aspiring actor hoping for the “Big Break”. That “LA trip” long anticipated for auditioning and film work has been preempted by MORE. (MOORE?! 😉


Here I Am

We rented a Ford Mustang convertible for the trip, which awaited us in the blazing hot sun of an LA parking lot. I was grumpy as usual when hot, and made no apologies for it. I gloried in my crabbiness, my post-flight crankies.  The Diva had arrived!  Ah, it was hot in a jet black car. But thank God for cloth seats!


Where is my Big Floppy Hat and sunglasses?…  I’m working on it!

There is so much more to say about our first day and last night with our new friends Carlos & Claudia, but my big black car beckons, and a fidgety husband who has 6 days to show me all of Southern CA.

Gotta get trippin’! on the big ride to “Who Knows Where …” 🙂


Universal Language

I felt inspired tonight to write about a not-so-big moment that had a big impact on me and  my daughter.  After a long and wonderful weekend with family, I was walking my daughter and dog to a local park up north where we were staying. It so happened that an Eastern European community of families was picnicking in the park, though it was still open to everybody.

My dog was pulling like a madman to smell all the sights and sounds. My daughter was riding her bike precariously over the bumpy grass, weaving in and out of late afternoon lunchers with blankets, the late day sun shining on their faces. An old Eastern European woman looked up at me curiously.  Her eyes squinted in the sun, her hair tied behind a brown kerchief.  I smiled, but wasn’t sure if she smiled back. I continued on, transplanted in another timezone, hearing the brushings and sweepings of a foreign tongue all around me, shaking my usual sensibilities.

understand me

I watched the people’s at-ease body language, admired their communal play, and heard their spontaneous song.

A very pretty young woman with a baby jammed a melody while her cohorts softly played guitar. Her voice sent a high anthem across the park. Stunning. I wanted to say something, but was shy at first, remember?  I felt like we were unexpected guests at an intimate party.

But, something in me spoke:  this was an opportunity to teach my daughter, and me, something important.

I sat at a bench near the playground, controlling my wayward dog. A young man and his mother-in-law sat beside me. His wife was off with three lovely daughters on the swings and monkey-bars.  My daughter eyed them uncomfortably but with longing. The other little girl eyed my daughter with a similar stance and a silent invite to play.

I finally spoke to my daughter, “Go, Play”.  She held back, waited. “No,” she said worried, “she speaks a different language.” Inspired, I told her, no…

“You speak a universal language:  smiling, saying Hi, and laughter.”

She seemed to take that in, but still didn’t move.  The mother-in-law admired my daughter and in a secret language seemed to encourage her to go.  The other little girl came closer, holding herself shyly with the sweetest of smiles.

“OK, that’s it” I said sternly to my stubborn one, “Now GO.”  She finally gave in and went. We watched them slowly come together and play.

Before we knew it they were jumping and swinging together on a shared landscape.

I slowly approached the group of musicians.  I smiled a couple of times to no effect. They were completely absorbed in what they were doing. I wanted to join in, or say, “Wow, you are so good. Can I listen in?”  But I seemed to lack the language, and the nerve.

I went out of view for a moment. I said internally to myself, and to the universe…

We are all one. We belong together. One day we will all know it. You hear my intent. You know what I am saying.  All is well here.

Although they didn’t seem to respond to my “words”, I felt a calm acceptance of what-is. As I walked back to get my daughter, I watched a grandfather pushing his grandson wildly on a swing. The little one squealed in delight. And the grandfather laughed, too.

“See.”  I said to myself and them. “I understand you perfectly.”  In that moment, there was no war, and all was happy.

P.S. As my daughter climbed back on her bike, she told me how she met a girl today who speaks a different language, but they became friends. She said it matter-of- factly, and with hidden sadness, that they would likely never see each other again.  I told her you never know. She told me of other friends she had met for only one day whom she later forgot about. I reminded her, “But you do remember them. You are still friends. You are remembering them now.”

It seemed she had not only met a foreign friend she could understand, but remember too, and maybe even love. (But that is for another day). She smiled, satisfied with herself, and rode away.

Morning Calls

I just felt like writing to you this morning! What a gorgeous Monday morning (I can hardly believe I said that). But it is. My dog just found his way downstairs after a lazy nap, and is now staring at his plaything, and sniffing a shoe. Just getting ready to move from sleep into action. Like me. It’s 8 0’clock, and “All’s Quiet on the Moore Front”. There is no enemy hovering over the hill, only the sun rising up over trees dancing in the breeze. So lovely!

What are you doing this morning?

I swear I just saw a monk passing the entrance to my driveway, or a woman brightly dressed in brilliant orange robes, sandals on her slow-moving feet.  This vision reminded me of travel, of worlds beyond this one. Where I see, smell and hear everything new…

morning walk

I will be going to California soon, for the first time, with my husband. Though I cheat, I have been there before, if only for a moment: getting out of the car (coming down from Nevada) into the Mojave Desert, five months pregnant, standing in the hot and silent sun, a cave of inner listening. I picked up  a rock there, a black lavic looking rock which was warm in my hands. I could only hear my breathing, and the hot air just hanging there and the sound of my feet in the sand. It was as if my own heart was beating the world into existence. I kept that rock as a talisman.

I am looking forward to rediscovering California from the eastern coastal ride up Highway 1…  San Diego….  Santa Monica…. LA (briefly, but must see the basics!)…. Carmel… maybe a mission or two… and then San Fransisco where I will meet my lovely ladie(s) that I have been talking to for over a year. I can’t wait to meet you (you know who you are).

My inner world is changing too. I no longer feel worried all the time as I used to. I feel an inner calm, of being in charge of my own destiny. And Grace too.  It’s magic, and it makes me giggle at times! (A wicked kind of giggle, my husband says).

Ah…. what can I share with you?  That is what I think now.  What can I be today that I haven’t been or done before. What is new. I feel that call now, pulling me to something greater, that beautiful, magical feeling that life is better than OK. It is not to be resisted or lamented. It is to be taken in, held and created like a warm ball of life, like that hot lavic rock melting in my hands.

Everything succumbs eventually to the sound of silence, to the sound of the primordial Yes.

I hear my call. I more than accept.

What is calling to you?