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We are Powerful Co-Creators

What are you connected to?  If you thought about it, you’d realize all the amazing connections you have. Not just business connections, but family connections, spiritual life-changing energy connections, old friends and new. Perhaps even old ones you know newly.  Fresh takes and literal heartbreaks.  

.And then… there’s YOU.  


Your antenna rising, your thoughts and decisions melding and forming all that you say and do.  

The people you don’t know and the people you relate to 

All your dreams and visions come true

And many hesitations, missteps and failings, too.

And there is still, YOU.

Each of us carries this wild and amazing power to greet each day with unbeknownst intention and energy.  

There is a powerful co-creator in you!

Feel it?  The energy rising, the turn tiding, the riding of electric storms passing.  And then, there’s YOU.

All of it, on top of it, ever aware of it, the passing unfair of it, the amazing unfolding of it,

The “I can’t believe it but it’s TRUE!”  YOU.  

Seeing and feeling it, knowing and guiding it, landing and framing it for the Good of  All who see it, too!  

Can you ever get enough of it, why would you ever want to?

The rise and fall of it, on top of it all of it, so much I can’t stop it nor do I want to.  

I don’t have the answer to it, nor do I care to, but still must seek it and see if I want to.  

The come and the go of it, the yes and the no of it, the no I don’t want to and YES I DO!  

The MORE and the MORE of it, the hope and the show of it, the safe and the slow of it, the fast and the GO of it!  

Do you KNOW what you KNOW of it, the more that you SHOW of it, the more that you FLOW with it,  

the more that you GO with it?  

It never, ever ends, the saltry-slippery ends of it, the wishy-washy blend of it, the startling, heart-gripping friend of it.

It wants you to blend with it, write the sky and zen with it, the never-ending friend of it, the lucky, zip-zappity-end of it.


And that’s the Amen of it!


Amen. 🙂



Photo Credit: “Starlight” © Clarita | Dreamstime Stock Photos



krista headshot outside

Krista Moore is a gifted writer, actress, speaker and healer, dedicated to transformation.  She is the creator of Evolutionary Woman workshops and circles, and the Miracle Network “Summer of Miracles” on this website.  She is also a certified Metaphysical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Direction (intern).  She lives with her family in Toronto.

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Engaging the Wonder of Life

How do you engage with life when encountering a physical challenge?  Do you feel it is a difficult experience to navigate, or a joyful one?

Today’s blog post was inspired by a conversation with the miraculous and visionary writer and transformer, Santari Green from the UK who is overcoming some physical challenges of his own.  Pictures by Krista Moore.

There is nothing more healing than recognizing the wonder of life, and feeling yourself as a boundless and intricate part of it. Dare I say, as all of it. As you look out from your own eyes and see a bee float by, you are becoming soft like the bee.  You forget yourself for a moment as a separate entity. In that moment there is no sickness or dis-ease.  There is only eternity.


LISTEN: >>>  Santari Green and Krista Moore on Healing & Attunement 



In this inspiring dialogue, Santari shares what it means to him to go through physical challenge.  Re-interpreting or “re-negotiating” life in ways that empower and expand your mind beyond the boundaries once perceived as a “problem”.

Santari Green


“I had to really form my own conclusions of what it was that I was experiencing.  Examining the physical for some sort of clue, some sort of link or purpose and meaning, really takes you on a journey.  It’s a journey of asking questions, it’s a journey of explorations, a journey of deciding for yourself what’s true, and how what you’re learning from the experience could become a part of the larger movement of experiences in the world which then becomes a cultural experience.”

– Santari Green


Becoming more and more curious with life, he engages with what his body is saying, what he feels, listening to what others are saying, trusting what he is getting and interpreting out of the experience with life in its fullness and wonder.  Until he no longer feels it is a challenge or a problem, but a complex yet simple experience of energy always moving and changing and growing.


IMG_1857You have the power to change the experience – line things up. 

    Decide who you are going to be now.”

                                                                                                                    – Santari Green

 In my words, his dis-ease or problem is not a “fixed” state, but a constant ever-changing and flowing collaboration, containing profound messages and insights which propel him on a journey.  His awareness grows as he learns more and more that he is an ever-expanding being, a part of the cosmos, a part of eternity.  No longer fixed to a body, but deeply engaged with it, he becomes aware of himself not just as a human being, but as an eternal one.

 As we spoke I became more and more aware of myself as a connected part of what he was saying, until our thoughts seemed to become “attuned”.  This attunement, he says, is part of the ever-expanding awareness of ourselves as part of the bigger picture.  Although we have a separate identity in thought at times, sometimes these thoughts can combine and create new forms, new energies that catapult us to the next level.  When we become attuned with life and each other, the next leap in our consciousness takes flight and we are reborn into something new.

“I grow myself.  We are growing ourselves newly.”

Pillared building in Boston

  A new foundation stone is being laid in our minds.  A new way of being that is not limited by any physical sense or mental challenge.  We can supersede all of that, not by bypassing it, but by incorporating it as part of the plan that is unfolding, that we are participating in.  We can dance with it.   And as that foundation stone of the most “delicious acceptance” of everything and everyone buoys us up, new pillars of strength and collaboration rise up, and a new way being in the world.

Santari delights in the “wonderment of life” even through his physical challenges.  And as I began to see through his expanded eyes and become immersed in the conversation, I said our  job is to never stop the conversation with life. He told me to write these in BIG CAPS:


Thank you, Santari!


 For more wondrous conversation, listen to the dialogue above. And if you would like to add something to the pot, by all means, write to me, or contact Santari, or add your comments below. 🙂

Thank you for joining the conversation!



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Krista Moore is a gifted writer, speaker and intuitive healer, certified in Metaphysical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Direction (intern).  Book a Private session by Phone/Skype or in person, or a Group talk.

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Miracles of Life & Death 2: Waiting

Nobody can control life or death. But we can try. We can will certain things into being, just as we can will certain things out. But we can’t control everything. Like timing.

I remember planning for my daughter’s birth. I had planned and envisioned many things, wrote them down. I had dreamed of a new way of giving birth:  I wanted to give birth at home, with midwives, and I even thought I may want a water birth (though I wasn’t sure).  My son was born in a hospital the usual way. I was young and inexperienced, and it was the right way for me at the time. He was healthy and strong, and all was well. This time, I wanted the freedom of roaming my own gardens, relaxing by the big maple tree outside, being with the dogs and family, and just being at peace with everything.

I got exactly what I wanted. Except the time. As most pregnant women who are in a hurry to get to the finish line, I waited and waited. I wrote down braxton hicks contractions. I formulated charts to predict when this baby was coming. I imagined the date it would happen and wrote it in my calendar.  I had it all figured out. Except this baby was not coming!

The midwives arrived one night when I was sure “this was it”. We gathered in my room and began the procedures. I walked the floor and talked. I soaked. I lounged. I did everything I was supposed to do. Nothing happened. Everybody went home.

The next day I slept in. I lounged by the tree, just as I had imagined. The irises were in full bloom and the dog was sleeping at my knee. I was in full bloom too!  The day went on and the contractions increased. Everybody came back. Everybody waited outside on the deck. My son, who was now 5 was still in school. By 5 o’clock, the grandparents went for a walk to go get him and take him to the park. In that span of 15 minutes, Heather was born. When they returned, they had a granddaughter and sister they had never seen before.

Ironically, she was born June 11, 9 months after 9/11.

The same holds true for death. (I have many stories to tell about this, and I will get to it.) But for now, my grandmother waits in the hospital, counting her days. She is holding out for her own “birthday” so to speak.  She has her ideas, hopes and fears like everyone else.  Others wait by her side counting as well. Hoping she will pull through, or hoping she will go in peace. Whatever she wants, she will get it. Just differently.

I only hope that in the waiting, the miracle of living comes first. And in that  is all time.

Day 26: Confidence

Confidence. Where does that come from? How does one situation bring out the “worst” in us, and another the “best”?  How does something which seemed impossible and forever “Far Away” suddenly seem close, doable and “no-problemo”?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a bad audition. Remember that? And how I felt “Intimidated”. I did my best. I prepared. I did everything I should. Everything! But nothing would make me feel comfortable. Something was off. And, I discovered, it wasn’t just me.

But that’s not the point. it’s not about blame. It’s not about saying “well that’s just the way it is” or “it’s this person’s fault”. Dumb people!  There is no question that some circumstances seem blessed, and others bound to fail. Maybe it’s luck, and maybe it’s something not so obvious.

In the last week and a half I’ve had 3 auditions that were very different. Do you know what changed?


I got tired of trying to please. Trying to be “on” all the time. Trying to be the “actor”.  I thought:

“What the hell do I have to lose? Why not just do it the way I want?Not try too hard – relax, go to bed early, get up, get ready and go do it.  “No big deal”.

And it wasn’t a big deal – why give it more energy than it’s worth? Why make a big fuss like I usually do (and make everyone miserable in the process)?

And it worked!  Somehow the magic spell was cast of : “No big deal”  Whether I got the part or not, I don’t know. But something in me changed.

It’s not that I didn’t care. But I cared less. I was “carefree”.

I was more concerned with myself, my own happiness, than whether I was doing it “right”, or they liked me or not.

Funny thing is, I think they did! I got some good vibes.  I didn’t get as nervous. I still did my best (but how much more can you do, really?). There was no more to do.

Where does confidence come from? Maybe it’s me. Or maybe it’s Grace. Maybe it’s picking your numbers right like Russian Roulette. I don’t think so.

It isn’t chance that got me this way. It’s that moment of Grace to give in and finally say – “I’m not concerned”.  “I was born this way”.  “I’m OK. I’ve got what it takes. That’s enough!  If they don’t like it – tough!”

That’s not defensive. That’s sane, right and confident.  Sometimes you have to be that way. Sometimes you have to take care of yourself. Sometimes you have to say, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

Oh, I was nice. Don’t get me wrong. But not caring too much is half the charm.

roadtrip to "Confidence"

P.S. One more thing may have helped – those fancy new shoes I wore on the last day. I purchased them on a road trip to PA with my girlfriend.  Riding in a convertible with the top down,  wind in my hair, strappy sandal heels over newly painted toes  – fuschia.Something good about life, there. Something good about life, period.

There is nothing more to do tonight. Except a little glass of wine to celebrate, and relax. For another day, another surprise, another circumstance, another rainbow. Or a great big rain!. A glorious lightning show (remember, that?).

Ah, Life is Good. Let me just leave it at that.

Day 25: Fun!


I was going to write about Why I am Here, Part II, but again, life gets in the way! And that, my dear, is the point. Life is good. It doesn’t need to be categorized, analyzed or parlayed into anything else. It is right in front of you.

And right now, in front of me, we have  a father and daughter frolicking in a pool, a dog laying down after a good ‘ole day of playing with his doggie friends and going for an evening walk; and me, here typing to you, whatever the hell is going on in my head. But my hope is that I am able to convey not just “what is happening” but why it is important, amazing and good. Why my life is so amazing, because it is.

Am I just lucky, or have I come out of the dark and seen with new eyes?

Something to ask yourself too. Is your life not good, or are you not seeing what is good about you, about it. That is what happened to me. I was comparing my life to some superstar dream fantasy far away, and I could never live or be happy that way. Now, as I sit here, the music playing (“Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles), I dream a new dream: the dream of my life as it is now. Better than planned, appreciated beyond measure, and endlessly full of possibilities for tomorrow. No need to prolong.  Just say:

Yes, this day is enough for me! This is fun!

I am having fun. With you, with me, with everyone.

My husband, not knowing what I was writing about, just hollered from the pool:

“Hey, mommy, this is fun!”

Not kidding. There are no accidents, only appointments, she said.

This one is fun indeed.

Thank you.


Day 24: Resistance Training

Woman Resting, Manguin, 1927

Hello all. I thought I would write about Why I am Here, Part II, but maybe that will have to wait. I have some resistance training to do. I’m actually getting pretty good at it. I lift a pound of doubt, three ounces of too tired, and three barrel-full loads of fuzzy-brained lack of desire.

Sorry, caught in inaction!

Today, for some reason I was just a bit off.  I could not think. I could not want. I could not do anything I usually do well. I did the best I could without yelling at the kids (not too much), apologized at the last possible moment before the school doors closed, and then went back home to be with myself.

What to do with that? On a day like that?

Resistance Training 101.
1. Do not try to do anything that seems hard, difficult, torturous.
2. Sit down.
3. Lay down your head on the arm of a chair or on a bed.
4. Put your feet up.
5. Dream. Snooze. Allow.

And if you can’t do that, pretend to work. Get it over with as quickly as possible and then as soon as you can, do nothing at all. Watch bad TV for 5 minutes, an hour if you can afford. Go for a walk – maybe. Do not try to write good poetry or solve anyone’s problems, including your own. Let it all go.

This was my day. I managed to accomplish some things without too much complaint (there was no one to complain to). Then I lay down.

And then, the second part of my day began…

To be continued on Day 25… (wow, I must be feeling a bit better, I’m cheating it forward 😉

Day 9: The Pleasant Ever-After

I’m not sure why, but I’m so happy lately. A year ago I was suffering from a recurring case of depression, or what one expert called “a constant state of discontent”. It had taken its toll on my health and every area of my life. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and it felt like the end of the world.

Now, as I sit here in my backyard, looking at the chickadees and robins hanging out in the trees, feeling the cool damp breeze and my fingers tracing their story on the keys, I feel at ease… I feel a deep sense of peace unknown to me before…

Where did this come from? This pleasant ever-after? The long-awaited prize after years of grueling internal effort and uncertainty? It came from a combination of things, all brought on by my intention – no, my Determination – to be well, to be More than well: to BE HAPPY.

I deserve a life of happiness. So do you. There is no need to struggle and worry about everything. I’ve done plenty of that. I’ve been through lots of things – death, loss, but I haven’t suffered much. I have everything, I admit.  But that discontent underlying our lives can eat away at the most blessed of lives, including my own. I admit, I was spoiled. I didn’t know how lucky I am.  I am more than lucky – I worked for this, chose this, in fact. But when you don’t recognize what you have, you are impoverished indeed.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to get down on your knees.

Since then I have done many things:  Prayed and meditated, number one. Got the help I need.  Took some courses that elevated my spirits and connected me to a broader social community. Healed body, mind and soul. Did the work. Wrote it out. Talked it out. Cried it out! I found my voice. And now I am freed. I feel better today than I have felt in, well – ever!


This is the story of my life, unfolding one day at a time. May it be blessed, always with the recognition of what I have, and the good that is to come. This is my happily ever after. It’s not perfect. It’s not what I planned when I first started out (whose is?). I don’t live in Hollywood (thank God!), and in some ways, it is much, much better. Because you know what? I’ve only just begun!  And that makes me really smile…

I wish the same for you.

Day 2: Morning Practice

I began this blog with the image of a rooster. Well, that’s me now, waking just before (or after ;)) dawn, moving to my newly created space in front of the southeast facing window of my bedroom where the sun comes up over my face, and doing my morning practice.

Why does this contribute to a life that is so amazing? Well, I have discovered the alchemy of morning meditation. And movement. Doing an integral spiritual practice has changed my life. I used to be (and still am) a lazy sort, a kind of “princess” mentality left over from the day. But doing a bit of exercise and a morning dedication with sitting still for  more than 5 minutes (and I mean, this is torture) is truly life changing. It has taken me from a grumpy-withdrawn-not-morning-person, to a Fully-Alive-Human-Being who sings, skips, whistles and otherwise embarrasses my kids with shameless disregard for convention on a daily basis.

Happiness is the best revenge.